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Yellow discharge from nipple (breast cancer?)?

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Yellow discharge from nipple (breast cancer?)?

Postby chayim » Thu Jan 19, 2012 4:47 pm

So a few hours ago, I noticed my nipple leaked a liquid that was yellowish orangish brownish kind of color and from little openings aroud the middle, so it didn't come from the middle. around it. I'm not pregnant (I'm 13) and I am on my period. Is it normal or should I be concerned? Because It only happens on the right, the left barely does and when it does its clearish white, and it comes from the center. I read that it may be a sign of breast cancer, and i think i feel a little lump under that hard (bone?) in my breast. could this be breast cancer? can a 13 year old get breast cancer? I'm going to the doctor tomorrow. but I just want to have an idea.
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Yellow discharge from nipple (breast cancer?)?

Postby arvon39 » Thu Jan 19, 2012 4:51 pm

Your breast has nodes that swell during your period. These are the lumps you feel. All women have them - but it usually freaks young women out when they first feel them. It's not cancer.

The discharge is probably a waxy substance that seals the nodes around the nipple. It can leak out if you squeeze your nipples too hard or someone sucks on them too hard. Try and keep them clean until they re-seal.

Go to the doctor and ask these questions but I suspect you are fine.
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