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Wrong Cancer Diagnosis?

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Wrong Cancer Diagnosis?

Postby Muir » Thu Jul 27, 2017 2:03 pm

If he has been diagnosed pancreatic cancer >>> I dont think mistake was made
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Wrong Cancer Diagnosis?

Postby treowbrycg » Thu Jul 27, 2017 2:06 pm

How was your uncle diagnosed? Usually, doctors do more than listening to the patient's symptoms.
They look to rule out other conditions first.
They order blood work.
They order CT scans/ultrasounds/other diagnostics.
When those combinations come back with a 'mass' in an organ, a biopsy is performed.
A biopsy allows the doctor to see what this mass is made of, and thats when the diagnosis of cancer is officially given.
Unfortunately, pancreatic cancer doesn't present with many symptoms, other than weight loss, and pain in the upper abdomen.
The patient may or may not be yellow in color.
Cancer is a very stealthy illness, it produces a lot of vague discomforts that go completely unnoticed until they build up and create some huge problems, and thats usually when we go to the doctor and find out we have cancer.
As far as the causes, no one totally knows WHY one gets cancer, some people just do, no matter how they lived their lifestyle or what is in their DNA medical history.
I am sorry to hear about your uncle.
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Wrong Cancer Diagnosis?

Postby kesegowaase » Thu Jul 27, 2017 2:13 pm

Speaking from experience as a result of my husbands bout with pancreatic cancer you can have a blood test done for the pancreatic cancer marker. My husband had it done and the marker showed it was cancer. This was after all of the other tests he had done first at his regular MD like a MRI which showed a tumor on the pancreas. The Specialist we went to did the cancer test and gave us the bad news. The pancreas is close to the liver so it most likely effects it. My husband's liver enzymes were high and he was a bit jaundice. Hope this helped and I pray your uncle will be alright.
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