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Would You Consider This Groveling?

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Would You Consider This Groveling?

Postby Skene » Mon Apr 17, 2017 8:13 am

A guy owes me a small amount of money, $10, and he's just being a weasel about paying me back.
This is just an annoyance, I'm not hurting for the money.

When I see him, I'm prone to ask in a direct, assertive manner "Hey, where's that $10 you owe me?" A person I know amazed me and said I should not "grovel" to get the $10 back.
Isn't this the exact opposite of groveling? I don't see where groveling comes into it.

What do you think? And here's the definition of groveling:

Definition of GROVEL


: to creep with the face to the ground : crawl


a : to lie or creep with the body prostrate in token of subservience or abasement b : to abase oneself


: to give oneself over to what is base or unworthy : wallow
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Would You Consider This Groveling?

Postby Varden » Mon Apr 17, 2017 8:28 am

It is your money and should be paid back so it is not improper to ask, ten dollars is ten dollars. But there is and old saying that says "you should not loan anyone more than you are prepared to lose", so keep that in mind the next time you loan someone money.
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