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Would My School Let Me Miss Months Because Of My Sick Grandmother?

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Would My School Let Me Miss Months Because Of My Sick Grandmother?

Postby Mansel » Thu Oct 05, 2017 5:52 pm

shes been with me from the day im born until now(17 years)

she lives with me and has been through more illnesses than any of you could possibly imagine..

shes been told she has luekemia and rapid lung cancer that is spreading throughout her body

the doctors said there is nothing they can do,it cannot be treated and she cant get surgery because it would kill her

they dont kknow how long shes got,but roughly..months?

my whole family is devastated,esp me because shes like my mother!!!

anyways,i know my family will help my mum but if she only has a few months,i want to spend every day with her,its my last year of school..very important year ..tests that stand for my future,but if my grandma passes,i wont care about my future..

i have my whole life to live a future,that she wont be apart of and that kills me alone.

right now im devastated,traumatised,shocked,numb..con... angry unsure..

i just feel like im not in the right frame of mind and deeply upset

i dont want to face school in 2 weeks and the majority of my teachers SUCK at their job,i find i learn more at home..do you think its acceptable to take a few months off?

get some books and revise at home?would it be allowed? am i ruining my future?

so confused...
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Would My School Let Me Miss Months Because Of My Sick Grandmother?

Postby Beric » Thu Oct 05, 2017 5:53 pm

I don't see what teachers sucking at their jobs has anything to do with being worried about your grandma's condition.
I think you just don't look forward to attending school - you were likely already thinking about dropping out.
Your grandma's illness has very little to do with this situation.

You can continue to spend time with your grandma everyday after you get home from school.
That's at least 8-12 hours per day.
You already know it's your last year of school - it would be ruinous to try and quit now.
Beyond a very serious personal medical condition, I doubt that you would be successful in finding your request approved for several months off from school.
If you did try and stay home, truancy would become your next big issue.
You would have to request to be home schooled if you wanted to stay home and I don't know if you'd have the capacity to get that approved yourself.
I also doubt that your mother will approve of your wanting to stay home for several months.
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Would My School Let Me Miss Months Because Of My Sick Grandmother?

Postby Wynford » Thu Oct 05, 2017 6:08 pm

no just make sure u revise, mabey revise sat with ur nan so when u make it one day u can say ur nan was along side u through it .. an when she dies she will still be ther along side u, u seem a lovely boy, u made ur nana proud im sure. wish I got to meet my nan but never have known her and ahe passed aWwwway a year ago an I regret trying to see her. I hope ot works out I realy do if u ever need a chat my number is 07854509925 my names alicia, eighteen yrs old. good luck anyway x
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