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Women Who Take Or Have Taken Birth Control?

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Women Who Take Or Have Taken Birth Control?

Postby birnie53 » Mon Oct 02, 2017 2:47 pm

So, I want to start taking,

for more than one reason.

To avoid pregnancy, of course. But does it regulate your period?

But then there are things that kinda worry me,

like rumors that it makes you gain weight,

makes your boobs bigger,

increases chances for cancer?

Is there any pill you'd recommend?

I don't want to do the Nuva ring, or the patch.

Also, does age play a factor at all?
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Women Who Take Or Have Taken Birth Control?

Postby Manuel » Mon Oct 02, 2017 2:48 pm

I wouldn't recommend yaz.. it sucked ***. Your dr would know best :P gooooood luck.
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Women Who Take Or Have Taken Birth Control?

Postby Aethelweard » Mon Oct 02, 2017 2:49 pm

It's good you do not want to do the nuva ring because it, along with Yaz and Yazmin are involved in a major class action suit against the pharmaceutical company that makes them.
They have caused many problems for women such as blood clots in the lungs that created heart attacks, etc.

Please understand what you are dealing with here.
Drug companies are not our friends.
They put profit before health on a constant basis.
Birth control pills use ethinyl estradiol that is a form of estrogen the body makes, but in the pill, they use synthetic ethinyl estradiol.
This is a huge breast cancer risk because it is efficiently absorbed by mouth and slow to be metabolized and excreted.
The longer a synthetic estrogen stays in the body, the more opportunity it has to do damage.
Estradiol is 1,000 times more potent in its effects on breast tissue than estriol.
When the breast cancer rate went through the roof after introducing the pill, they realized they needed to do something, so they added progestin, the synthetic form of progesterone to the pill.
This reduced the breast cancer rate, but no studies have been done to prove long term use will not cause this problem.
1 in 7 women now get breast cancer.

Estrogen dominance is a key player in creating cancer and weight gain, etc.
Since the ovaries are part of the pituitary axis that consists of the thyroid, pituitary, adrenals, and ovaries, all of these glands become involved in this bizarre interplay of endocrine hormones.
When one of these glands becomes insufficient or sick, they all get sick together.
They work as a team.
This is why when you take birth control and you affect the ovaries negatively, the thyroid slows down and you gain weight, then the adrenal glands cause you to become tired, etc.

Drug companies are playing with your life and future, but by treating the symptom (not getting pregnant), there is a cost to your health for doing it and they are NOT going to tell you the truth.
If you think drug companies are wonderful and care about you, think again.
Look at this video to see what the Bayer Pharmaceutical did to hemophiliacs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wg-52mHIj...

The MERCK pharmaceutical was caught lying to the FDA about VIOXX.
Over 160,000 people died from taking that drug and Merck knew ahead of time that 30% of the people that would take that drug would have major problems and even death.
If the lawyers had not discovered internal documents of the company as a result of the lawsuits, Merck would have gone on doing business as usual.

There are other methods of birth control that are far safer and much more less risky than what these drug pushers are providing.
Don't look at the FDA for help either because they are in bed with BIG pharma and are not about protecting our health, it's just a way for BIG pharma to get drugs on the market and use the public as guinea pigs.

The Nuva ring, Yaz, and Yazmin are in a class action lawsuit at present because many women have died from using one of these due to blood clots in the lung that caused young women to get heart attacks.
DO YOUR HOMEWORK, doctors do not, BIG pharma will not advise you on how to be healthy, only treat some symptom.

good luck to you
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Women Who Take Or Have Taken Birth Control?

Postby Fridolph » Mon Oct 02, 2017 2:50 pm

It regulated my period. Before the pill I had a 5-6 week cycle but now I have a normal 4 week cycle. I did not experience any weight gain but your appetite might pick up when you first start it. My boobs did get bigger and the longer you take birth control it does increase your chances of breast cancer because when you?re on the pill you are getting more estrogen and if you get too much estrogen, it can indeed lead to breast cancer. I?m not sure if age plays a factor. I am currently on one known as Aviane. I hope I was of some help! Good luck in choosing the right method. You might want to look into the DUI method?it?s inserted like the Nuva ring but it?s not a ring. Check it out!
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