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Will Kidney Cancer Spread After Treatment ?

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Will Kidney Cancer Spread After Treatment ?

Postby Cuthbeorht » Sun Mar 01, 2015 3:38 pm

My dad underwent a surgery of radical nephrectomy, due to cancer, The tumor size was 6 inches

The biopsy report said its a T2 stage Tumor, now he has recovered form the Surgery and he is into his daily routine.I want to know the possibilities of disease spreading again ? I am Scared.
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Will Kidney Cancer Spread After Treatment ?

Postby misu40 » Sun Mar 01, 2015 4:14 pm

He will need to be assessed by an oncologist after the surgery to get a full diagnosis of the stage and grade... The grade of the cancer could actually be more important than the stage. Kidney cancer can be cured if caught soon enough in an early stage, but it is also a sneaky cancer that tends to be recur within 6mos.- especially if it's one of high grade - usually in the surgery site, the lungs, the bones, the liver, the bladder or the brain. The oncologist will do an eval. of the cancer and will likely recommend a medication Kidney cancer does not respond to traditional chemo or radiation, but radiation can help a bit and be used to relieve pain if it spreads to the bone...
Adjuvent meds. include meds. like interferon/interleuken
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Will Kidney Cancer Spread After Treatment ?

Postby Garwin » Sun Mar 01, 2015 5:28 pm

My Doctor Told Me the depressing news - "Your Kidneys Are FAILING!"

My worsening kidney disease symptoms included:

- Nausea and vomiting and constant stomach upset

- Passing only small amounts of urine and stopping and starting while urinating

- Swelling in my ankles and lower legs

- Puffiness around my eyes with brain fog and moodiness

- Chronic fatigue and shortness of breath when exerting myself

- Loss of appetite and not wanting to eat at all

- Increasingly higher blood pressure

- Bouts of anxiety and depression

- Muscle cramps which were worse in my legs

That a friend of mine sent me a link to a website (http://NatureHomeCure.com) that helped his Mother. She was just like me, and was suffering with failing kidneys and experienced the same worries and fears I was going through. All I could do was try it and see if it worked.

Here's where the story gets a little strange. Two months later, Instead of my kidneys sliding down the slippery slope of kidney failure and getting progressively worse, they started to get better.

My Doctor could not believe how much improved my kidney function output had increased and my GFR was UP and creatinine levels lower. My kidneys were starting to work again, and removing all the toxins in my body. I got my life back!

Now, I am using this 100% all natural protocol which restored my kidney function and did it naturally, without the use of unnatural man-made pharmaceutical drugs or dialysis. In less than two months my kidneys were on the mend. Now six months later, My kidney's are back to normal again.

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Will Kidney Cancer Spread After Treatment ?

Postby ancel » Mon Mar 02, 2015 11:25 pm

Staged T2 means no detection in surrounding organs or lymph nodes, depends on the type of cancer as to the treatment plan, even if all cancer is removed some may be given chemo or radiation to kill any possible remaining cells for long term remission.

Follow up testing with 6 mthly CT scans will more than likely be in the plan to check for recurrence, in the early stages it has nearly a 70% long term remission rate.

Try not to live in fear of what the future holds as it clouds the time you have with your dad in the present, my dad, mother in law & little girl are all in remission.
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Will Kidney Cancer Spread After Treatment ?

Postby Ailbe » Tue Mar 03, 2015 10:00 pm

yeah cancer can reoccurs. cancer cells can not survive in oxygenated environment. so try pranayama - breathing exercises that will greatly increase the oxygen intake in the body.

anulom vinulom & kapal bathi pranayama are great. learn here @ http://24x7meditation.blogspot.com/2011/...
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Will Kidney Cancer Spread After Treatment ?

Postby jacky » Wed Mar 04, 2015 5:46 pm

They do not do biopsies on kidney cancer. What you are referring to is surgery

Stage cannot be determined by biopsy.

?T2? refers to the tumor stage, not the cancer stage.

However, a T2 is a tumor less than 7cm and confined to the kidney making it a T2 N0 M0 stage II, which a 5 year survival rate of 96%, so yes there is a small chance of recurrence.
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Will Kidney Cancer Spread After Treatment ?

Postby yates11 » Thu Mar 05, 2015 5:49 am

Depends u've got to be inder the surveillance of a nephrology periodiaclly followed by drinking plenty of fluid intake and exercise as suggested
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Will Kidney Cancer Spread After Treatment ?

Postby Kirkley » Fri Mar 06, 2015 12:35 am


Your dad has had his affected kidney removed, can I just check that you mean 6 cms??? and not inches, because that's a rather massive tumor and doesn't relate to a stage 2. Generally speaking a T2 tumour is relatively treatable with little after effect, as in spread, because there's no lymph node involvement and no secondary cancer noted. Usually spread relates to a different staging, and I assume some radiotherapy has been done to coincide with the surgery? Depending on when the cancer was removed, your dad should be seen by a cancer specialist at agreed regular interval, for approximately 2 - 5 yrs. It is after 5 yrs or so, being tumor free, the patient is considered cured.

It's perfectly normal for you to worry, as we all do with our family, but cancer is a highly monitored disease and cancer specialist are more abundant. Monitoring patients with cancer or after cancer treatment is usually common place and done so to maintain the treatment results. Your dad is in good hands.

All the best.
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Will Kidney Cancer Spread After Treatment ?

Postby Holt » Sat Mar 07, 2015 9:47 am

If it was in stage 2 they might want to do chemo.
Either way, his chances are very high since it hadnt spread to other organs yet
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