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Will I Pass Thc Drug Screen...?

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Will I Pass Thc Drug Screen...?

Postby Hildebrand » Thu Apr 20, 2017 9:54 pm

I was a regular to heavy smoker for a few years. I have been clean for 14 days tomorrow which is the day of the test. I ordered test strips online and took three tests yesterday (12 days pot free) after 2-4 urinations and all of which were clean. I did not attempt to dilute prior to tests and in fact was most likely dehydrated. I did however test "mid-stream" samples. That said, my samples were relatively clear (conundrum?).

Anyway, this morning (13 days pot free) I tested the my first and second urinations first part of urination (not mid stream) and both came with positive results. I then drank 12oz of water and proceeded to test the "mid stream" of my third urination. This resulted in a negative result (sweet!).

So if I am able to urinate 4 times, consume 2-4 cups of coffee, and at least 32oz water prior to drug test, I should pass- correct? If my urine seems too clear I understand they might consider it an adulterated sample but this is a pre-employment screen for managerial posistion not probation or anything so I'm hoping their assumption will be "he is just well hydrated".


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Will I Pass Thc Drug Screen...?

Postby Maximo » Thu Apr 20, 2017 9:57 pm

If you have only used 1 to 3 times in a month, then for 10 to 30 days you most likely will test positive, if you are a heavy user (3 times a week) then up to 60 days:

There is nothing that you can take that will speed up the bodies removal of THC, how long it takes for you to become clean depends on how much you have used and the potency and on the way your body stores excess THC.
The type and sensitivity of the test will also determine if you test clean or not.
Drinking a lot of water or other fluids does not remove THC from your body, but may dilute the marijuana metabolite THC-COOH concentration in urine.

"Driving after smoking even a small amount of marijuana almost doubles the risk of a fatal highway accident, according to an extensive study of 10,748 drivers involved in fatal crashes between 2001 and 2003?.
- http://alcoholism.about.com/od/pot/a/pot...

Marijuana smoke was listed as a cancer-causing agent in California June 19, 2009 http://oehha.ca.gov/prop65/prop65_list/f...

Driving under the influence of cannabis was associated with a significantly increased risk of motor vehicle collisions, especially for fatal collisions - http://www.bmj.com/content/344/bmj.e536

Even after adjusting the figures to take account of the other known risk factors, marijuana use remained a clear risk factor for testicular cancer. Just being a marijuana smoker seemed to carry a 70% extra risk, while those who smoked it regularly, or had smoked from an early age, had twice the risk compared to those who had never smoked it. - http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/7869709.stm

Research now indicates that marijuana use increases the risk of depression, as well as schizophrenia. -http://www.health.harvard.edu/fhg/updates/update0503c.shtml

Britain's most senior coroner is warning that hundreds of young people are dying in accidents caused by their prolonged use of cannabis?.The dangers of cannabis were highlighted in research published last month, which showed a sharp increase in drug-related deaths. According to the European Centre for Addiction Studies at St George's Hospital Medical School in London, in 2002, British coroners cited cannabis as the major cause of death in 18 out of 853 drug-related deaths. The drug was also implicated in a further 31 out of 1,579 deaths involving a cocktail of drugs.

Teens who routinely smoke marijuana risk a long-term drop in their IQ - http://news.yahoo.com/teen-pot-linked-later-declines-iq-192328332.html?_esi=0&bcmt=1346127366859-cc6205f3-31b2-4ebb-ac93-708fbfc37af9&bcmt_s=u#ugccmt-container-b

?Pre-natal marijuana exposure had persistent negative effects through age 16 on higher-order thinking, including problem solving, memory, planning, impulsivity, and attention.?


Prenatal marijuana exposure significantly predicted child depressive symptoms and attention problems at age 10, after controlling for other significant covariates. Child depressive symptoms and attention problems at age 10 significantly predicted delinquency at 14 years.


?Maternal cannabis use during pregnancy resulted in more pronounced growth restriction than maternal tobacco use.?

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Will I Pass Thc Drug Screen...?

Postby jamian48 » Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:09 pm

All right, lets get interested by this guys. That is for a job, a few of you probation and that s major. Your going to wish to discontinue smoking an awfully minimum of three days prior to a mouth swab. Then what your going to do is brush your tooth a bit of longer than common for a more broad cleaning. Additionally for you once a day enamel brushers that going to have got to alternate for the time up unless the test. You want to brush two to three times daily. For extra measure mouth wash after one of those everyday brushes and right before you go in simply to make certain all of the THC left within the gums of your mouth had been wholly scrubbed and rinsed out.
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