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Why won't doctors take me seriously? 10 pts if you help?

Anything relating to brain tumors symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis

Why won't doctors take me seriously? 10 pts if you help?

Postby danvin39 » Thu Apr 19, 2012 6:33 am

I am an 18 year old female. I am not a hypochondriac. I think I may have a hormone secreting pituitary tumour, the kind that creates too much cortisol in the body, also known as 'Cushings disease'
Around early 2010, I started to notice changes in my body/face slowly occur. For a while I thought maybe I was just getting older. But I am only 18 my body/face should not be changing like this.
Here is a pic of the changes that have occured, in my face, my body, my neck and my shoulders:
If you scroll down you can see how my face has changed.

Here are my symptoms:
-haven't had a period in 7 months. Before that they would come every 4/5 months since late 2009
-Since 2010 I began putting on weight ONLY on my stomach, my face, chin and shoulders. My legs and arms have stayed nearly the same. I always used to be more of a pear shape, with a a very flat stomach, now all of a sudden I keep putting on weight on my stomach no matter what I do or how little I eat.
-I have developed the 'buffalo hump' you get from cushing's. I have not found any other condition's that can cause a 'buffallo hump'. I have gotten new fat above my collarbone which is pushing against my neck and it gives me neckache. You can see the changes in my neck in the photo. My posture look really bad too when it never did before, it looks like I am leaning forward and have a small hunchback
-my whole body has gotten hairier. I was nearly hairless before on my body, I probably had the least body hair of all my friends. Then, in 2011, I started to notice a change. My eyebrows, legs (I have noticed I very big increase of hair on my legs) arm, stomach, arms, sideburns, upper lip, armpits, chest, breasts amongst other places.
-I have noticed the 'strai' stretchmarks appear on my inner thighs. They are pinkish/purple and wide.
-I am constantly overheated. I have to shower an hour in the morning so I feel fresh. In the winter I never wore a winter jacket once, I would wear summer dresses with thin tights and a thin cardigan, yet often I still felt overheated, even when it was snowing! I also sweat much more than I ever used to.
-My ankles have become swollen. They never used to be
-My face is very swollen and puffy. I have put on a lot of weight on my face, it looks completely different, and my cheeks are flushed constantly.
-My eyesight was perfect my whole life until late 2009. Then, it suddenly got worse by -1.0 and the next year by another -0.5. I haven't been for an eyetest since, but I can't see bus numbers anymore, and I'll wave to people a few metres away from me because I mistake them for someone I know. I can't see anything on the board anymore at college hardly.
-I developed mild epilepsy when I was 14, I have never been for a brain scan though. I have had 4 seizures in my life in total, (tonic clonic) my last one was last year in march
-I have been getting muscle spasms everynight before I fall asleep for like 20 before I can finally fall asleep. This has been happening since November last year.
-I have become very allergic to mosquito bites, the last two years I have been on holiday, other people would hardly react to these bites, mine would swell to the size of golf balls all over my legs. I couldn't walk for a few days it was so painful and oozing pus.
-I have had a lump growing behind my ear since I was 11 but have never been to the doctor about it. It started out about the size of a 5p coin, now it starts about an inch above the top of my ear, and continues to where my jaw starts. It is under the skin, some parts are hard some are soft. It is painless
-I've been getting eye twitches for the past 2 years when I don't sleep enough, my eye will just twitch by itself & I've been having very vivid dreams/nightmares
-My short term memory has gotten much worse, I forget where I put everything, I keep walking into rooms and forgetting why I went there, I forget people's names, I'll look frantically for something then realise I'm holding it
-About two months ago I found another lump on my body (you can probably guess what area it is in)

Here are the symptoms of a Pituitary Tumour/Cushing's Disease:
The symptoms of Cushing's disease in women include:
-Weight gain on stomach or trunk of the body
-Irregular periods/or periods stop completely
-Increased hair growth on body
-New stretchmarks form
-'Moonface' appears, this is when the face becomes fatter and rounder in comparison to the body, especially the chin
-Red flushed face, greasy skin and being overheated alot
-'Buffalo hump' collection of hard fat appears on the shoulders
-Memory problems
-Emotional disturbances
I have spoken to two doctors about all this, accept about the lumps. I told them I have found that I have pretty much all the symptoms of Cushings. Both of them told me
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Why won't doctors take me seriously? 10 pts if you help?

Postby alberic44 » Thu Apr 19, 2012 6:46 am

Keep going to the doctors until they listen to you or demand that you check you for cushings disease, if they still don't do anything then go to the hospital and explain your symptoms and tell them that your doctor just wouldn't listen to you. Doctors can be rubbish sometimes! My boyfriend had pneumonia and few years ago but the doctor just sent him home saying that it was just the flu but he got really bad so his parents took him to the hospital and then said that he had pneumonia and that it was pretty bad and it was lucky they took him to the hospital when they did. So yeah, go to the doctors and demand them to check you, or go straight to the hospital. Normally if someone has more then half the symptoms of something the doctors should check them over.
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Why won't doctors take me seriously? 10 pts if you help?

Postby camdene » Thu Apr 19, 2012 6:47 am

Go private and pay for the blood test.
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