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Why Has Our Cat Been So Lethargic Lately (details Inside)?

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Why Has Our Cat Been So Lethargic Lately (details Inside)?

Postby Kylan » Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:15 pm

Okay so hes a neutered male brown tabby, and we think he might have a little Maine Coon. Here's the story on how got him. He was abandoned by his former family because he still had his collar, tags and everything. My mom found him when she went to one of her clients house for a meeting. She went and got a pet carrier from our vet, drove back to the house, and it didn't take more than "come on" to get him to walk in it. She took him back to the vet so they could care for him overnight. When all attempts to contact his former owners failed, we pretty much took him in. He had a check up, test for feline leukemia which was negative, and he was healthy other than being a little underweight. That was last November and hes only had to go back one time since to get his teeth cleaned. But for some reason hes been very lethargic lately, not wanting to do much except lay down and eat. He's a little older, around 7, not too old though. He used to love playing with the laser, and toys. We used to feed him Blue Buffalo for older cats, but he didn't like that so we switched to Friskies. Please don't be rude about the quality of the food or anything, i'm not the one who buys it, and so far we haven't had problems with it. But i would like any help as to what to do if this continues. Thank you!
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Why Has Our Cat Been So Lethargic Lately (details Inside)?

Postby Chul-Moo » Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:18 pm

As cats age they tend to decrease their activity levels. They are generally more active at night than they are in the day and they may spend a good deal of time sleeping during the day. They may sleep as much as 16 hours a day and be completely healthy.

That being said, a sudden decrease in activity may indicate an illness. Cats that are sick tend to hide and decrease their food intake and activity level. They may be running a fever or feel nauseous as a result of disease. If this came about suddenly you might consider having your cat examined.

Take a look at the attached web page on ideas to increase your cat's activity level.

I'm quite sure that your cat's inactivity has nothing to do with his food. Friskies cat food has all the nutrients your cat needs to be happy and healthy. You can certainly spend more money on food if you like, but don't expect that to change your cat's behavior.
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Why Has Our Cat Been So Lethargic Lately (details Inside)?

Postby Barron » Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:22 pm

you may desire to take him to the vet lower back if he has been torpid for a week. fairly if he's not ingesting the comparable or has diarrhea or vomiting. I do situation approximately older male cats on a dry meals eating habitual. they have a bent to enhance urinary issues greater effective than cats on a moist meals eating habitual. problematic to tell approximately lethargy in maine coon combination cats. Mine only slept and lazed around his finished existence. stable success
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Why Has Our Cat Been So Lethargic Lately (details Inside)?

Postby Hartley » Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:24 pm

Hi, I work at a cat shelter and have owned cats for many years. ANY change in a cats actions calls for a trip to the vet. THey cannot talk and tell us when they dont feel well. its like having an infant baby. We have to observe and read their signals.
Tell the vet what you have written here. Lethargy is a symptom.

Thank you for taking him in and taking good care of him.

As for food, there is an excellent site right here on YAHOO called "for the love of cats" it is one of the YAHOO groups. Do a search and sign on.It is FREE to use (thanks Yahoo.) . I Have been on it over 2 years and no one has passed out my email adress or done anything else you would not want. Just good advice. They have a lot of advice on cat feeding.You may want to share with the person buying the food.

Purrrrsonally I found from long years of experience that feeding a higher quality food over time resulted in FAR less trips to the vet.
Even though it says its nutritionally balanced, most cheaper foods are too high in carbs Lots of cats with diabetes these days. Also try to avoid a diet of all dry food.
It is too dry, nothing in nature that cats eat has that little liquid. Moist meaty canned food NOT containing fish is good. You can mix in a teaspoon or so of spring water at room temperature to make a sort of gravy. Most cats like this and it gives them more liquid which they need. Take a look at for the love of cats section on feeding. You can ask questions on there or just look thru their old posts for info.

Good luck, God bless and thanks for taking good care of this kitty and tell your Mom she is a Kitty angel on earth for rescuing this cat who so obviously was asking her for help. I wish you and your famlily and cat a long and happy life together.
And do run this question by the vet.
Thanks. Take care.
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Why Has Our Cat Been So Lethargic Lately (details Inside)?

Postby quinton » Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:28 pm

I am glad you know about the "quality" of the food. It is not a matter of being rude. Far from me, and I am glad you love this cat.But, eventually the poor nutrition will take it toll, if did not start. Please I urge you to find a better senior food. We are what we eat, I am sure you are aware of that.

Anyway, your cat can be depressed, you cat can have arthritis, can be anemic, have an infection.And the more you wait the worse will get.

I hate to tell people to take their animals to the vet, when probably is nothing going on, but a blue day.Here is what you do.Take your cat temperature , if it is over 103 -VET for him. By better food I would suggest Science diet for senior, by him some toys and play with him, if not is helping

-VET for him

Good luck!
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