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Why Do We Find It Humane To Cut Dogs Balls Off?

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Why Do We Find It Humane To Cut Dogs Balls Off?

Postby Broehain » Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:08 am

It does not have to do with being humane, it has to do with the animal rights people reaching their goal of "one generation and out".
They would like to see the end of pets in general.
The President of the Humane Society is credited with the above quote.
That means sterilize all the dogs in the world and when they die no more pet dogs.

There is NO MEDICAL REASON to neuter a male dog and a ton of longterm health risks.

The animal rights people wont tell you this. They will talk about testicular cancer, well not only do very few dogs get it , it is extremely treatable. Prostate cancer is almost unheard of in dogs, so there goes their other argument.
What neutering can do is raise your dogs risk of Bone Cancer, Hermangiosarcoma, othropedic problems and many other healh issues.

There is MEDICAL RESEARCH that backs all this up.
The animal rights people only have tlaking points, that they repeat with no research.

Here is an ineteresting and informative article for you to read, and below I will link the actual Mecial Research paper that backs it up.


Summary of health affects of spay/neuter

The full version of the paper summarized below, complete with all references to the veterinary medical research cited, is available. This paper reports some of the adverse behavioral impacts of early spay/neuter.


An objective reading of the veterinary medical literature reveals a complex situation with respect to the long-term health impacts of spay/neuter in dogs. The evidence shows that spay/neuter correlates with both positive and adverse health effects in dogs. It also suggests how much we really do not yet understand about this subject.

On balance, it appears that no compelling case can be made for neutering most male dogs, especially immature male dogs, in order to prevent future health problems. The number of health problems associated with neutering may exceed the associated health benefits in most cases.

On the negative side, neutering male dogs

if done before maturity, increases the risk of osteosarcoma (bone cancer) by a factor of 3.8; this is a common cancer in medium/large and larger breeds with a poor prognosis

increases the risk of cardiac hemangiosarcoma by a factor of 1.6; this is a common cancer and major cause of death in some breeds

triples the risk of hypothyroidism

increases the risk of geriatric cognitive impairment

triples the risk of obesity, and with it many of the associated health problems

quadruples the small risk (
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Why Do We Find It Humane To Cut Dogs Balls Off?

Postby nashat » Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:10 am

Why does everyone with a dog think it needs to be bred? Why don't the people who think that ever work in shelters or rescue? Why can't people keep their dogs in their own yard, and not out breeding willy-nilly? Why would you think it's humane to kill a few hundred dogs each year in my local shelter because some fool thinks it's "unmanly" to neuter their dog?
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Why Do We Find It Humane To Cut Dogs Balls Off?

Postby Portier » Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:11 am

They are bored...get them some new toys, and alternate them frequently. Limit their time out of the pen, and when they are out, PLAY WITH them. When u are done playing, put them back in...its play time. Not dig time. If you lack the time (which is a shame if you have 2 puppies) but it happens, get a buster cube or something that will deposit small treats as they roll it and toss it. Just be cautious about how many treats they get daily...you may have to cut back on their food, labs have a tendency to get heavy...
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Why Do We Find It Humane To Cut Dogs Balls Off?

Postby Shay » Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:12 am

Is it humane to have dogs live on the streets and to kill them and have tons of puppy mills b/c of not doing so?

Plus it helps the male dog not be anxious b/c the dog can't mate.

Plus they can't feel it.

It is for the good and not for the bad.
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Why Do We Find It Humane To Cut Dogs Balls Off?

Postby rhisiart » Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:14 am

well lets see, much reduced chance to develop cancer, dog is no longer bothered when denied the irresistable and frustrating urge to mate, reduced behavior problems mean a happier owner who will have more patience with the dog, tons of puppies that will probably suffer and eventually end up having to be put down won't exist in the first place, and oh ya all the dog knows is that he fell asleep one day in a strange room, woke up feeling a little lighter back there lol, and happily went back home.
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Why Do We Find It Humane To Cut Dogs Balls Off?

Postby Nat » Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:19 am

Stop anthropomorphizing human misgivings with regard to feelings of animals. Would you also argue that it is wrong for me to make my dog eat from a bowl or walk on a leash or to prohibit him form voting or driving a car? Does it cause the animal pain or suffering? Does he suffer emotional damage as well? How does surgically removing a dogs testicles diminish a dogs quality of life or cause the animal undo suffering in the process? My answer would be is that the animal does not suffer.
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Why Do We Find It Humane To Cut Dogs Balls Off?

Postby wilmer » Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:21 am

Because the alternative is to have them breeding and producing millions of litters of pups per year that cannot be homed and have to be destroyed.

Because male dogs are more likely to get stressed, escape, stray, get hit by a car, get into fights with other dogs, be stolen, taken to the pound, etc, etc, etc.

Because dogs that are desexed have a smaller chance of developing certain cancers, and breeding related illnesses.

In the wild- only the dominant wolves breed- but this is not the case in captivity.

If you have ever worked in a shelter- and especially if you have ever had to euthenase any dogs- or pups- because they have been badly treated in a previous home and cant be rehomed, because nobody wants them, or because there simply isnt enough room for them- you'll know why we believe that you should neuter your dog.

Dogs do not think like humans. They do not think that they have 'lost their manhood' - they just get on with their lives, and are generally less aggressive, less stressed, and much better pets as a result.
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Why Do We Find It Humane To Cut Dogs Balls Off?

Postby Waquini » Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:25 am

Because it's far more humane than having a lot of puppies and dogs end up in kill shelters when you could keep them from breeding in the first place.
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Why Do We Find It Humane To Cut Dogs Balls Off?

Postby Avaon » Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:27 am

If you are a male, are you circumcised? Do you remember the procedure being done? Are you scarred for life because of this procedure? Dogs aren't bothered by neutering any more than men are with circumcision.

Neutering a dog is no less humane than the very common practice of circumcising male babies.
Neutering a dog helps control the pet population and saves unwanted dogs from being born into horrible living conditions.
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Why Do We Find It Humane To Cut Dogs Balls Off?

Postby Gilley » Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:44 am

Its certainly more humane than killing millions of dogs because of over population, and dogs don't miss them when their gone.
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