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Why do cancer men play all these games?????? HELP!?

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Why do cancer men play all these games?????? HELP!?

Postby ludano » Fri Dec 30, 2011 10:01 am

Why does my cancer man play so many games??? Mon, December 26, 2011 - 11:52 PM
'm a capricorn i met my cancer man 4 weeks ago, but it only lasted for 2 weeks. i met him at a party he said he was interested in me to a friend we ended up going to his room and talking and kissing then ended up falling asleep in eachother's arms we woke up the next morning went to get donuts and he took me to my car and gave me his number, we talked everyday and shortly started hanging out everyday at his house with his friends, i started noticeing some weird mood swings he refused to talk about his ex girlfriends or anything and argued with me why i needed to know everything. i found out he had been cheated on 3 months ago and ive read cancers can be destroyed after such events.

4 days ago we got extremely close and spent the whole day together he gazed in my eyes, held me tight, introduced me to his parents, said to other girls he was taken, and made me feel like my heart was ripped out and placed in his hand.

his friends on the other hand, dont like all the attention i was getting and caused conflicts with him like "bros before hoes" that same friday he was leaving to austin,texas and decided not to go last minute he said he would meet me at my friends party. he showed up an hour later then he said he would meet me high and drunk with his friends (nothing new). he completly ignored me and made me look like a fool infront of my friends. then the next day pretended like nothing happened.
barely texted me on saturday, then agreed to not go to the gym to spend some time with me on sunday, his dad asked me to stay for dinner and my cancer invited me to a rave for new years in dallas,texas so we could spend it together. (keep in mind why would he tell me this if he wasn't planning on talking to me ever again) although his friends showed up at his house anyways mad that he had cancelled and convinced him to join. he kissed me goodbye and i knew there just wasn't something right.

we texted a few texts that night i asked him to come over and i'd help him study for finals, he said he wished he could see me but couldnt because he had to really concentrate. i wished him luck with his final and told him we'd meet for dinner the next day.
i never got a responce.
the next day i caalled.. no answer... texted asking how is final went .. no answer.. day 3 i ask to meet up .. no answer..

now another 2 weeks later he has been posting on facebook with his friends thing's like " on to the next one" " girls are like buses every 15 min they run .. now there like potatoe chips i just can't have one"
this all seems like the biggest player to me, as well as many people have told me he is only after sex but has never layed a finger on me . which very much confuses me. i texted him for the first time in 2 weeks saying merry christmas. and he actually replied like nothing had happened. he still has one of my favprite earring's whoch he said he would keep as a memory of me and him the first night we met, and honestly i want it back. i feel like that's the only thing still tieing us together, so i told him i'd like my earring back and he texted back saying " no i told you i'm keeping it, and it looks cuter on me anyways" so i sounded desperate and said " oh come on! not even for my birthday???" and i never got a responce. i feel extremly embarrased

I got into a car accident yesturday and i texted him telling him what happened and he freaked out and wanted to come help me and was being sweet. then i said i'd text him later and then 20 min i look on facebook and he posted a status saying "ignorance is bliss" IS THAT RUDE?!
because i texted him this morning and he was just joking and didnt have much to say and kinda cut off my words so i just didn't respond.

PLEASE give me some advice as to what you think he's thinking and what i should do.
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Why do cancer men play all these games?????? HELP!?

Postby jeevan59 » Fri Dec 30, 2011 10:03 am

It has nothing to do with him being a cancer your problems are not our problems you talk to him i hope well I know for a fact your boo is on here now and this is a way to upset ppl with drama causing more drama I know you are up tp no good booth is a guy it's not a "cancer" thing I have nothing to say nor is my life any of your business so leave me alone stop you need help you manipulated him for years with your baby drama and leaving mas then getting back with him asap as he starts to see that texan enna so i suggest you quit now it's pathetic and already uppity your super cruel ways have ruined anything I had for the west coast trust me you continue to do such crazy things i don't know wheather to respond or sic my friends in your direction just move on I mean away from anyone he was single he did not cheat we dated for a few weeks you are officially really airing out things and ive taken alot of your slag im tired of it please your only proving your untestable and typical ive never met anyone like this as in that i didn't knock out or have shunned so why dint you take a tip and listen not welcome in my life ok so you understand this or are you going to continue i been over the whole thing but you want him to continue to use another girl to feed your jealous ego when you can show your face or call me directly or ******* message me again then you will be worthy of what happened none of your business's as far as im concerned jazz ***** you too prob you two are perfectly dysfunctional on your own do not drag me or my guy into it if you try to i will **** the **** out of you and not stop until you know my name piss off you **** rag do not talk or pretend to be me talking to the guy i have never dated because a crazy ex was in the way ***** never thought it would be the gf of some one i thought a friend please go make use of your hands and mouth at the local ead
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