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Why Did Skyler Cheat On Walt On The Show Breaking Bad?

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Why Did Skyler Cheat On Walt On The Show Breaking Bad?

Postby rice » Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:17 am

I'm barely getting into the series on Netflix and I'm on season 3 and Skyler cheated on Walt. It makes me so mad!!! Is she trying to make Walt mad so he can leave? Walt sold drugs to help his family and treat his cancer. And skyler is just acting like a stupid ***** wHOre!!!!! She doesn't understand!!! I hate skyler with a passion now!!!!!!!!!
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Why Did Skyler Cheat On Walt On The Show Breaking Bad?

Postby Darrill » Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:18 am

no matter what walt was doing, HE NEVER CHEATED ON HER! It does not justiied for skyler to go be a whore and sleep not once but numerous times and proudly and shamelessly tell walt in his face what she was doing. That was horrible, when you know that walt wasn t lying about being faithful and that he loves her and his family. He was just lying about what he does on the side to make extra cash in order to live longer to be with his family or leave a huge savings for his family. EITHER WAY HE WAS RISKING HIMSELF FOR HIS FAMILY ILLEGAL OR NOT! He loved her. And she took things way out line like if she wanted to always find a reason to cheat and be evil to her loving husband. She should have never be in the way of her children to their father. She doesn t have to support and agree with what he does but doesn t have to degrade herself and go be a slut! She somebodies mother and wife, and she goes sin her body. She is stupid. And she doesn t shut the **** up, she ask and argues why too much, just listen, walt said he ll explain later, just listen cause everybody could be in danger and walt is try to save them all, but no she wants to exagerate things and fight walt instead and play helpless victim, this type of women i m sorry needs to get slapped up for being so hard headed and selffish. Walt made poor choses about cooking meth but he s never stop loving his family and the profit was always going to be for his family no matter how much his evil wife brainwash them to hate him. That s sad how she finished destroying the family. She could have help him in getting back to his senses to stop doing this but she thought selffish for herself and build unnecessary anger and damge everything she could. And her sister is garbage too. I m happy hank died, so her sister can feel it. *****!
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Why Did Skyler Cheat On Walt On The Show Breaking Bad?

Postby Banjiman » Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:19 am

You're kidding, right? Walt is a murderer.
He's also a drug dealer.
Do you have any idea what meth does? Have you ever met a meth head or seen what they do to their families, their friends and their other victims? If you think Walt is such a great guy, go to a NA meeting or meet the family members of drug addicts.
Anyone who makes or distributes drugs is among the lowest of the low.
He claimed he did it to support his family, but the reality is that it is all about his own ego and power.
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Why Did Skyler Cheat On Walt On The Show Breaking Bad?

Postby Bembe » Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:20 am

lol Me, too! Guess she felt like she wasn't getting the attention she deserved.
But stick around! What I'M waiting for is the show to start back up again! Anybody have any news of this?
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Why Did Skyler Cheat On Walt On The Show Breaking Bad?

Postby timo32 » Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:22 am

I don't see him buying things for himself. People like Skyler do exist. Dumb whores! Walt got screwed out of millions and is now trying to save his family from financial ruin once he's gone.
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Why Did Skyler Cheat On Walt On The Show Breaking Bad?

Postby Huntington » Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:25 am

To Rose D: First of all Walt did not go into the business thinking about the effects that meth would have on his buyers, under his circumstances that wasn't what was on his mind, getting money to support his family was the priority, besides, meth heads are always going to seek the product with or without his contribution in the industry, if anything he is doing them good by providing them clean substance. Even if he didn't take the right actions, everything he did was to provide for his family, you claim that it is his ego and urge for power which makes no complete sense, if you watched the show you would know that his state of mind was set on thinking that he would die in the near future, so he was simply in a "get rich or die trying" mode. To wrap this up, Skyler is indeed a ***** *** whore, and Walt wins? That sounds just about right.
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