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Why did Scorpio disappear outa my life :'(?

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Why did Scorpio disappear outa my life :'(?

Postby willamar » Wed Nov 23, 2011 6:33 pm

Hey everyone, I'm a Pisces sun/Cancer moon female who was in a short-term realtionship with a younger Scorpio sun/Pisces moon guy. He was so determined to know me and I admired that, so gave him a chance to know me. We've goten so close to each other and always enjoyed having deep conversations and cud be ourselves around each other easily! He was so loving every second when together and nevr wanted to part : /

He has told me about an ex. (8months), says she was cheating on him for 3 months and was a gold digger. I am nothig like that at all and never have been. I'm a true defitniton of Pisces ! : ) but he has accused me once of being like her?

Anyways, he just stopped talking to me for no reason agoing on a month now, won't explain why he won't talk, I was so hurt by his actions and kept asking him whatt did I doo, that I think I kinda forced him to tell me that he wasn't gona bother wwith me anymore. But he never gave mme reason WHY which doesn't give me any closure at all and hurts like hell b/c we were so deeeply connected?
I'm thinking he was still hurting over his ex and wasn't healed from what they went thru, since it wasn't too long b4 they broke up b4 he met me. Is he a Scorpio scorned whodecided to show me the bad side when he thought I cud possibly turn out like her or ppossibly b/c his feelings for her aren't healed yet?
I just can't undrstand for the life of me, how can u just completely ignore sum1 who u care so deeply for and who has never ever done u wrong? Scorpios? Help please...thanks for taking the time out to read evry1
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Why did Scorpio disappear outa my life :'(?

Postby bailefour » Wed Nov 23, 2011 6:36 pm

the reason why the scorpio devil dissapeared from your sight is because the scorpio man realizes that you are not capable of understand the reality of the dark side of the light ..the world is revolving around the scorpio man and he will never waist his life on a women that was born in the bottom of the ocean

edit- and if u dont know what a women born in the bottom of the ocean means ..a SLOW WOMEN
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Why did Scorpio disappear outa my life :'(?

Postby cinneidigh » Wed Nov 23, 2011 6:48 pm

Coz u look like sh*t and are poor. ;) heehe *being playful and jovial*
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Why did Scorpio disappear outa my life :'(?

Postby caimheul » Wed Nov 23, 2011 6:51 pm

Because goodday smells like sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Why did Scorpio disappear outa my life :'(?

Postby naseem » Wed Nov 23, 2011 6:54 pm

Probably baggage.
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Why did Scorpio disappear outa my life :'(?

Postby riagan37 » Wed Nov 23, 2011 7:01 pm

As a Scorpio, I Iearn lessons through my experience. Scorpio people consider their close people with care and if you do something wrong to that Scorpio he/ she will never forgive and learn that next time he / she doesn't get hurt again. They like to study people and make sure they are safe before really having a serious relationship. When a Scorpio gets mad or thinks he/ she is being played by similar game usually they know when to stop and at the same time make that person who was part of his life not important anymore. Yet if that person still tries to communicate with the Scorpio will show their true colors and tell you to F*ck off. He went through a bad experience and the only way to get rid of it is to have some time off. He is not ready for a serious relationship for now.

As to what you went through the only thing you could do is analyze what happen. Maybe you did a similar action move as to what the ex had done before. Plus instead of wanting to know what really happen to just disconnect like that instead tell him that you want to be there for him as a friend at least and to talk it out about what he is going through so he could open up and that way you will hear what had went through his mind when he blame you of something he didn't wanted to tell you. Also let him know that since you guys are not talking to each other that you want to know your mistakes so you could be a better partner and understand why such situation occur.

Sorry, but when a Scorpio takes something serious is because they are not playing. It is not good to play around with a Scorpio if it isn't serious for you. The Scorpio wants to make sure that their mate are really capable, interesting, adventurous as a couple who are their for each other. Also tell that person sorry, even though it wasn't you who caused him that damage. It was the other girl. This will help and then he will open up to what he thinks you did as a mistake similar to what the ex had done. Listen to him when he opens up and demonstrate to that person that you understand.

It's like this if you do something wrong he automatically takes you out of his life. But he knows that he must be very careful next time and make sure things do not go through that again. But I think that you should just be there for him and demonstrate it just as a friend for now.
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Why did Scorpio disappear outa my life :'(?

Postby ansell74 » Wed Nov 23, 2011 7:12 pm

Ana Viet says it all
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