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Why Are People Trying To Stop Animals From Being Sold Or Bred?

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Why Are People Trying To Stop Animals From Being Sold Or Bred?

Postby Leverton » Wed Apr 19, 2017 8:44 am

I watched a television show today & they said they wanna spay & neuter animals until there's none left in the world, which is upsetting to me because I loveee ANIMALS, I don't want to not be able to have animals as a companion because irresponsible people breeding, or abusing their animals. I am with spaying & neutering before you give your pets out to people or investigate them very good before giving them animals but when I watched that on television made me very upset because no wonder why I can't find my favorite animals for sell, WHICH I understand other people abusing their animals, or becoming backyard breeders, it just isn't fair that they wanna dicrease animals like that until their gone. That I Disagree with 100%.. Thats like stoping women & men from having babies to end our human life, that would be terrifying. People would say no. & I know you guys look at it like animals are not like humans or animals do it just to create more babies. I am aware of answers of that. but I like to look at the whole picture, animals can't talk & that's what people take advantage of. They like to judge without viewing the entire picture of what someone's trying to say or how somebody else feels about it, or what someone's trying to get educated about.

But is that true? Is that the truth behind spaying & neutering?
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Why Are People Trying To Stop Animals From Being Sold Or Bred?

Postby Jarrod » Wed Apr 19, 2017 8:46 am

Animal rights activists believe in animals as pets dying out so they will be the people believing that we should spay or neuter to oblivion.

This loony fringe view does not take into account the reason why most people spay and neuter...if we didn't, our society would be like India. Ever been to India? Stray dogs and cats bleeding and dying in the streets, dying of rabies, missing eyes, limbs, rotting to death in front of you. It is AWFUL. Not only this, but the human death rate due to rabies in India is the highest anywhere in the world because of this.

This is what happens if responsible people don't neuter their pets. It is best that MOST pets don't breed, and this is why we neuter.

Animals don't care if they breed. It is a biological urge. Remove the reproductive parts and they don't have that urge anymore. It's safer for them (most older unneutered dogs get testicular cancer or other horrible issues, and lots of female animals like rabbits can actually die much younger of uterine tumours if not spayed). Also, it's better. How do you imagine an unneutered dog feels, cooped up and unable to breed? It must drive him mad with frustration. Better to remove that need.

Pet Animals aren't going to die out, it is NEVER going to happen, not until humans die out and that will happen sooner or later. That is not the reasoning behind most people spaying and neutering. We do it to reduce the suffering of abandoned dogs. The less abandoned dogs, cats and other animals there are, the easier it is to care for them and find them new homes. If we are overrun we can't do that, and they end up suffering and dying on the streets and attacking us, so we spay and neuter.
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Why Are People Trying To Stop Animals From Being Sold Or Bred?

Postby Denver » Wed Apr 19, 2017 8:47 am

spaying and neutering has lots of benefits from no unwanted pregnancy which helps keeps pet populations in control which is crucial to even lowering aggression in male animals
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Why Are People Trying To Stop Animals From Being Sold Or Bred?

Postby VanAken » Wed Apr 19, 2017 8:48 am

Sounds like Peta's work, they want all animals that even have been seen by people destroyed, this means even the fish in the sea see people swimming. I think the only animals that should be fixed are mixbreeds, that does not count the dogs or cats that are bred to make a new breed, not designer dogs but dogs bred from breeds in their group, ie herding groups. Take Scottish fold cats they should not be bred folded ear to folded ear because it causes defects.
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Why Are People Trying To Stop Animals From Being Sold Or Bred?

Postby Arnoldo » Wed Apr 19, 2017 8:54 am

What was it you was watching.

Nobody here has ever made any kind of statement like that.

But people do need to learn to have their pets spayed and neutered to help control the over population of cats and dogs.

It won't cause the extinction of them either.
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