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Why are my breasts really sore?

Discuss Breast Cancer, one of the most common forms of cancer in the world today.

Why are my breasts really sore?

Postby livingston » Sat Jan 14, 2012 3:33 am

Last month, about 2 and half weeks before my period was due, my breasts got really sore. it worried me because it has never happened to me before! my breasts have never really been sore. Everything would hurt them! when i would sleep close to my boyfriend, if he moved and his movement rubbed my boobs in anyway, it hurt!! i couldn't cross my arms because that also hurt! if it was cold outside my nipples were extra sensitive to weather! and if they got hard, it hurt, bad enough to cry! it has made me cry. warm baths help when they get really sore that's the only thing I have figured out that would help so far! my boyfriend talked to his mom about it and the main things she said and that i have read online that causes soreness in the breasts are pregnancy, breast cancer, changing of hormones, uncomfortable bra, growing breasts, and pms. his mom told me to go get checked but i guess i'm kind of afraid to! so i waited it out. i did take a pregnancy test though and it was negative. My boyfriend and I were trying for a while but we gave up, we still have unprotected sex. I dont think pregnancy is what it is though, I don't think i have breast cancer either i tried to feel for lumps and nothing seems abnormal. It could have been pms because i started like 2 and a half weeks after the soreness started and it went away a few days after i started but I have had a period for 7 years now and breasts pain was never something that occured around that time of the month!! i usually get cramps a few days to a week before i actually start. im starting to think it might be my hormones changing and pms! because it happened again this month.. i should start around the 12th of January and the breast pain started about december 31st i have had some mild cramping too. while working last night, my boobs got so sore i couldnt stand it, i almost cried at work. I took my bra off and they felt alot better i also rubbed some warm water on them and it felt better. the pain is a nonstop thing from the time it starts til whenever it will end! it just gets alot worse at certain times, and any kind of pressure on my boobs will hurt. sorry for alot of pointless information but i figured the more you know, the easier it might be to answer! I just want to know what it might be? should i go get it checked? what's some things i could do to make them feel better?? any kind of information would be great!! sorry if some stuff doesn't make sence, i just got off work and havent slept for over 24 hours so if you could try to understand and answer, it's very much appreciated!
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Why are my breasts really sore?

Postby dartagnan » Sat Jan 14, 2012 3:49 am

If you are not late with your period, chances are it's pms. I have the same thing, some months the tenderness is terrible, other times it's minor.
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