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Why am I having pregnancy symptoms, but i'm not pregnant?

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Why am I having pregnancy symptoms, but i'm not pregnant?

Postby parr » Fri Oct 28, 2011 4:24 am

I know there is no possible way i am pregnant. I have had 3 cycles since my last encounter and i am on birth control. I have been on this pill for over a year so i do not think it is related to my bc. The symptoms are as follows: swollen heavy breasts, sore tender nipples, fatigue, bloating, increase of white bumps on my Areolas, and nausea. These symptoms are present at all stages in my cycle but vary in intensity(example, my breasts feel heavier right after a period, but i am more bloated in the middle of my cycle.)
Somethings to take into consideration: I have stage 2 Pre-cervical cancer and Endometriosis.
Since these are typically pms or pregnancy symptoms I am at a loss for what is causing this. Any ideas?
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Why am I having pregnancy symptoms, but i'm not pregnant?

Postby winfrith49 » Fri Oct 28, 2011 4:27 am

Are you on birth control? Birth control tricks your body into thinking your pregnant..
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Why am I having pregnancy symptoms, but i'm not pregnant?

Postby carolos » Fri Oct 28, 2011 4:34 am

could be a hysterical pregnancy?
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Why am I having pregnancy symptoms, but i'm not pregnant?

Postby taveon » Fri Oct 28, 2011 4:47 am

Better get to the doctor very fast if you are having pregnancy symptoms and negative results. This is a health warning. Your body is talking toyou. I have read blogs whereby women were diagnosed with endometriosis and reported they were pregnant at least 2 months with baby in place.
*I for one had a positive pregnancy test First Response Blue Test, in 1988 at 30 yrs old, first confirmed pregnancy. My period was 1 week late. I tested again at 6 weeks missed and light blue turned navy blue on the dip stick. I went to OBGyn right away and was given a urine test from cup I brought in, first morning & blood test, both the primary doctor claimed were negative. I felt they lied to me. 8 weeks later, still yet no period. I started spotting ruby red blood and immediately took note and went to local hosp. cramping and lower right pain in abdomen area. I thought my appendix was bursting. The hospital did a blood test and it was negative. I brought along the EPT test and they were unsure why I got a negative blood test when my home kits were positive. A nurse was trying to talk me to think differently. She said, get it out your head, you are not pregnant the blood test is negative.I was very disappointed in her talking to me like that. In the 10 week, I felt something hit my abdomen area sharp pain, back, and went down my thighs as muscle spasms, lightening pinch pain. I rush out house straddle leg towards the hospital. Call husband at work to meet me there. I felt a falling feeling in my womb as something dropped low in my womb. 4 hours of wait in ER with prohibit from water. I was thirsty some much I could drink a well dry. I went in major surgery waiting for sonogram before major surgery and medical staff left me in cold room 4 hours with no care and did not allow my husband with me. I think they assumed I was going to die. My husband gave them hell and ask them where they put my wife and to put me in a private room because he pay a lot of money for our insurance at Metlife. He gave them hell in that hospital because they sent me to a room filled with medicaid pregnant females piled up in a corner in labor, screaming with no nurses in there. The hospital humilated me. They knew I just lost my baby and have to look at pregnant bellies, it was torture. Husband threaten to sue them then they took me to a private room and treated me like royalty. It was fake behavior when they found out I had insurance. I was very disappointed of medical interpretations and the ignorancy of hospital staff that early morning. I was there 2 months earlier they should have done a sonogram and found the problem before I lost right fallopian tube. So my story is to help you realize that you should take heed to the warnings that your body is giving you. When they say your test is negative at the hospitals you better keep testing. Sometimes it is not determined you are pregnant until you are 12 weeks pregnant. A woman friend found out she was pregnant had negative test up until 5 months pregnant. All prior test were negative. When babies hide, they sometimes understand. The medicine they give you in the hospital and clinics if they do not properly test you, then you end up having a miscarriage from that medicine. Be careful.
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