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Where To Start - Moving Into My First Home?

Mesothelioma causes, treatment and diagnosis discussion

Where To Start - Moving Into My First Home?

Postby Anshel » Tue Aug 22, 2017 1:47 am

After we bought our first house we had learned so much -- stop and do your research FIRST.
Learn aabout mortgages (the government site from Pueblo Colorado has tons of good stuff).
Here's the link, it's a government site.
Everything about buying a house.

Get a WHEDA loan, it makes things so much easier. Have 10% ready as a down payment on the house.

LOOK at the house. Ask how old the roof is, how many layers of shingles are up there, ask about basement leakage (if the walls are painted that's a bad sign someone is covering up leaks). Water heaters last about 10 years, ask how old the one in the house is.
Check for carpenter ant damage around windows, doorframes, and in the garage.
Is the siding on strongly or is stuff loose or falling off? How large is the lawn - you'll need a mower for it.
Is the electrical box up to code? How old is the plumbing? Anything older than 30 years will have blockages being done on the galvanized pipes, the water flow is going to be restricted going to the sewer system, expect backups.

The furnace will only last 20 years, it costs $5,000 or more to replace a furnace (we just did ours, had to get a home loan to cover the cost).

Does the ground around the house slope TOWARDS the house? In heavy rainstorms you're going to have water coming in through the windows and walls into the basement, causing mold.
Was the house inspected for asbestos? Did anyone do a radon check in the basement in the past 3 years? Are the window framing in good condition or is there air leakage? It can double your heating bill in the winter if it leaks.
When the doors and windows are closed can you hear street noises? It should be fairly quiet.
Check the appliances in the kitchen - if they're too old you'll have to replace them.
Does the home have a washer/dryer? Are they old? Fridges last about 15 years before the coils go on them, they run in the $500-$1,200 range.
Are the ceilings cracked? Do the doors inside close snugly or do they rattle or not close at all? On the outside of the house look for cracks in the foundation - these would let heat escape all winter as well as allow water in during flooding/heavy rainstorms.
Where is the transformer on the street - the closer you are to it if it's hit by lightning the more damage your electronics in the house will have.
Our neighbor has a transformer on the pole behind his house, it was hit twice by lightning in 10 years. Both times it literally blew out our side motion detector light fixture but we have a good grounding on the rest of the house that our computer and tv were ok - invest in surge protectors for them though, just to be safe.

Do the trees outside overhang the house, are they TOUCHING the house? Is the tree weak enough to have a branch fall on anything and do damage, in heavy storms? Are the branches touching your phone and power lines to the house? Is the junction of the power lines coming into the house in good condition or does it look ancient and damaged? Ask if there's ever been a sewer backup in the basement.
Ask if it has a sump pump.
Can you see black mold on any of the walls downstairs?

Does the tub faucet leak? Is there wet/damaged wood around the bathroom windows? In the basement ceiling UNDER the bathroom can you see water damage on the wood? Does the floor creak a lot? Is there any smell in the place? Check the attic for raccoon/squirrel/pigeon damage.

There has to be disclosure on whether there was a crime committed in the home (meth labs permanently poison the drywall, it has to be ripped out), whether anyone died in the house (from heart attack or from something illegal), and if the home was known to be broken into.
You have to also ask - in this phrasing - "is there anything you know of that is damaged in the house, or any illegal activities that were done here".
The realtor has to answer that.

If/when you get the house, immediately change the locks so anyone who had a key to the place before can't come in to rob you.
Talk to the neighbors on both sides if you can, ask about what the neighborhood is like, what the crime rate is, whether they feel safe living here, and anything else they can tell you about the place.
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Where To Start - Moving Into My First Home?

Postby devlin » Tue Aug 22, 2017 1:49 am

go back to renting apartments as it will save u 10000s.

'first home' renting buying or what.


if buying - NEVER Ever buy with some one u not married

to for at least a year.

hard to give directions on a vague '?'.
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Where To Start - Moving Into My First Home?

Postby Tomeo » Tue Aug 22, 2017 1:54 am

sophisticated situation research from yahoo just that can help
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