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What will happen when I refuse pap smear/pelvic exam at AIT?

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What will happen when I refuse pap smear/pelvic exam at AIT?

Postby sedgewik » Wed Aug 10, 2011 8:21 am

I am currently in delayed entry and just found out that all females are required to this exam regardless of the circumstances before they graduate AIT. I have talked to several private doctors and they said I in no way need this exam as it is to test for cervical cancer which is directly caused by the sexually transmitted disease HPV. They said the reason they recommend everyone is screened by age 21 is because an American adult woman who has never had any sexual contact by that age is a statistical anomaly so they just assume everyone has had some sex by then, as many people lie about their sexual past. The Army requires the mandatory exam even though my hymen is fully intact because they say a female could be lying about having had oral or such so they screen everyone regardless.

I refuse to have my self violated like this, and all doctors said that this exam would without a doubt break my hymen. I am a pure virgin and have never even wore tampons or inserted anything in there because it is extremely important to me that my husband is the one to break my hymen. I find it patronizing and offensive that people keep saying the hymen is meaningless and doesn't signify virginity so just let them break it, and then be penetrated by a gynecologist's fingers and tools. I have read horror stories of other virgins who had their virginity stripped from them in this manner and they were traumatized and felt like they were raped. I find this sick and also found out that the United States is the only country that screens virgins! Other countries find it unnecessary and unethical.

Point is no one has a right to say what something personally means to me. To me my hymen signifies virginity and I know there are still many people out there whom believe the same, even if they are not commonly found in the Western world. I want to be untouched for my husband and for him to know nothing has ever been there before; this exam is impeding on my morals and my honor. I know most people will think I am being fanatical and that hymens break during sports or such, but I have been incredibly active all my life(horse riding, gymnastics, ballet, etc) and it is still fully intact. I refuse to let them take this from me. Call me crazy if you wish, Yet I know I must stand by my principles and that it would destroy me to allow this exam.

My real question is what will be the consequences when I refuse- which I will no matter who tries to persuade me otherwise. My recruiter thinks that I should just ship off as planned and try to deal with it when I get there. He thinks maybe if I make a big enough fuss they will make an exception; but this is simply not how the Army works and I think he is just trying to pacify me so I ship. He says he agrees with my convictions, however he cannot change the Army. Yet of course I know he wants me to go because he doesn't want to lose his number; but I am afraid they might hold me in AIT until I comply or actually force me down and take the exam. Any advice please?
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What will happen when I refuse pap smear/pelvic exam at AIT?

Postby fagin » Wed Aug 10, 2011 8:25 am

Wow, some people are a**holes when it comes to personal body matters. I seriously fail to see why anyone should allow a doctor to perform an intimate exam on them that is completely unnecessary. So what, you guys want to scar a woman for life?

Anyway, that's the main reason I answered, but unfortunately, it is the Army and they operate on the same procedures everywhere in the US. I tend to think that if you refuse to operate by their standards, they have the right to refuse you. I'd go higher than your recruiter and talk to someone who will actually be where you will be shipped off too, as you said, your recruiter may be biased. In any case, I seriously doubt anyone, even in the Army, can force you to undergo a medical procedure that isn't even needed. So even if you went and they decided you either do it or leave the army, you could always still leave.

Of course, I don't know much about the army, but I was just appalled to see people so blatantly undermining your beliefs. Good luck! <3
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What will happen when I refuse pap smear/pelvic exam at AIT?

Postby tristan » Wed Aug 10, 2011 8:26 am

You want a Army check, you follow Army rules. The test just like shots or a hair cut. Don't like it? Don't join.
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What will happen when I refuse pap smear/pelvic exam at AIT?

Postby davidbeckham » Wed Aug 10, 2011 8:30 am

I agree with Mustang that you are a troll but in the off chance you are simply delusional: You can always get it surgically reattached. But like Mustang Sally explained - you will be required to get a pap smear every year. That could get expensive.

PS. I think its extremely odd that you will let some guy stick his winkie in there but you won't let a medical professional do his/her job.
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What will happen when I refuse pap smear/pelvic exam at AIT?

Postby yasuo » Wed Aug 10, 2011 8:44 am

Hello I am sorry for the rude answers you have gotten. I do understand where you are coming from as I could have written this. I discussed these concerns with my recruiter and he told me just to describe my circumstances to the doctor and they will not perform the exam on me. The pap smear and pelvic exam is only necessary if you have been sexually active. American doctors say all women should get it by 21 because most women have had some sex by then and even if they call themselves virgins, they might have engaged in oral, genital to genital contact, etc. However if you have never been sexually active the exam isn't mandatory. My recruiter says the reason why they list it as annaully required is because a woman joining at this time who hasn't had sexual contact is zero to none so of course they just assume everyone must have. Do not worry. It would be very wrong for a doctor to break your hymen for no reason, it is proof of your virginity regardless of what anyone says. Also is cannot be broken from sports, this has been a well debunked myth. I am nervous to of having to face the doctors as my recruiter said they might try to force me into doing the exam because I might be lying about my sexual past, but just stand strong and they will exempt you. Good luck :)
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What will happen when I refuse pap smear/pelvic exam at AIT?

Postby sagar » Wed Aug 10, 2011 8:52 am

I hope you are a troll. I cannot imagine anyone being so stupid in this day and age.

Please don't waste a slot a person that truly wants to serve can fill. As a female, you are required to get a pep YEARLY. It won't kill you. It takes 15 minutes TOPS. They also do a breast exam. If you have body issues, that's your problem. It is required and if you don't do what is required f you by the military, you won't be in the military for very long.

It has nothing to do with you being a virgin, The military could cares less. It's about screening for cancer. Yes, women can get cervical cancer very young...even in their teens and 20's.

Grow up...
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What will happen when I refuse pap smear/pelvic exam at AIT?

Postby delany » Wed Aug 10, 2011 9:09 am

Well since you already swore in I would go and see what happens as well. You never know until you try. I completely agree with you and would never let anyone break my hymen like that. Maybe you can get some kind of moral waiver or have a chaplain try and back you with religious reasons. The hymen is a built in blood covenant that seals the marriage. So yes they do need to respect this. I doubt there were people intact that have ever joined the military so they probably have no encountered this unique situation. They cannot hold you down and force it. Go to basic, do your best in AIT and I am sure you will find a loophole. Good luck and do not give into them. Also PLEASE do not listen to other women who are simply just jealous and bitter that they no longer have their hymen to give to their husband. The want to bring down other women to their level so they no longer feel inferior. An adult woman in America with a hymen is extremely rare and precious and that is why a few years ago one woman sold her for a million dollars. One must be insane to let the Army take potentionally a one million possession from someone. Your husband will be overjoyed, and will only respect you more knowing you went threw so much trouble to keep it for him. Hugs- I am with you all the way on this one.
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