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What To Do....help! (10 Points)?

Lung Cancer discussions, another of the most common forms of cancer

What To Do....help! (10 Points)?

Postby Aethretun » Wed Apr 19, 2017 3:50 pm

Best answer gets 10 points.

I'm 15 and in high school. I feel like my life is falling apart and I'm trying to keep together but I don't know how much longer I can. Like when I was little I was raped by my brother that haven't live with us for 5 years. I just told my mother like a month ago. Everything been going fine with that. I told one of my teachers in beginning of the school year and her and the school psychologist push me throws telling my mother.

My dad pass away about 6 months ago and yeah it hurts. He was there through the thick and the thin. I MISS HIM so much and it seem like every minute I spend with out him, it hurts me more and more. He died from lung cancer. He was like my best friend. When he died, it felt like my heart broke into a million pieces and I'm trying to put it together but I can't seem to find that middle piece no matter how hard I look. It hard to breath and it hard to wake up in the morning and going into my mom room and seeking that he not there. I miss his laugh, hugs, kiss and just having him here. Being in his arms. Play fighting with him. Seeing his battle for his life, hurt e so bad and i know he put on a tough battle. I know he gave it all he got and it was a close battle. I know it because him more pain having to deal with it then me watching him deal with it. I remember him telling me that when it his time to go, that he loves me with all his heart and he will be watching from heaven. It just tha day he left was so hard on me and the day of his funeral was even harder. I glad my older sister was there.

My teacher wants me to go talk to the school psychologist. I think I will tommorow because even dough I really don't want to, I need to. I know that I should give a chance and try to let her in. I know hat she really wants to help me but it like I shut her out. My teacher said that I should give her a chance and my teacher knows hat I'm not really a big fan of talking to ugly people and she pretty but I will tomorrow. Plus I have so much other stuff on mind and its giving me thoughts of killing myself. I need to talk to her.

But the reaso hat I don't to talk to her is because it seem like everytime I try to talk to her, we don't click. But my teacher said its just because when I go in there, I'm already on the defensive side. And I thought about it, and it true, I guess. BUt my teacher wants me to go talk to her but I don't know if I should talk about it and my teacher old me that she wants to talk about sex even dough I'm not having it.

I'm scaredt. I way to way and I don't need a child at this point of my life. I want the best for my child.

But my grades are good. I got a 94.5 then a 91.13, And for the 3rd i got a 93.38.

So I'm sorry that is is long. I'm a very confuse girl right now.
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What To Do....help! (10 Points)?

Postby Blane » Wed Apr 19, 2017 3:52 pm

"...but I can't seem to find that middle piece ..." --

That's the piece your dad took in order to always

have a part of you with him.

As for talking to the counselor, sometimes it takes

time to open up to someone.
As your teacher said,

you are automatically on the defensive... so maybe

you should plan several visits with them -- just chat

about whatever until you are feeling more comfortable.

GREAT grades! Keep them up :)
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What To Do....help! (10 Points)?

Postby Annaduff » Wed Apr 19, 2017 4:00 pm

I will not write a long post, but I have also had a pretty messed up life. Getting a phycologist is a great way to let loose those feelings, but can take a while. I also suggest looking and seeing if there are any grief or support groups in your area that meet regularly. Both of these helped me through my pain and lose of my mother.
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