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What's The Chance My Mom Will Have Cancer?

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What's The Chance My Mom Will Have Cancer?

Postby Lakeland » Mon Oct 02, 2017 7:14 pm

My mom's mom (my grandmother) had colon cancer and my mom is getting tested for it on Friday.

I was just wondering that since her mom had it, is there a good chance my mom has it?
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What's The Chance My Mom Will Have Cancer?

Postby Blakely » Mon Oct 02, 2017 7:36 pm

Colon cancer is one type of cancer that researchers are now able to identify any alterations, or mutations, in specific genes that give rise to colon cancer .
Hereditary colon cancer is on one side of the family.
they have inherited a mutated gene from one of their parents, and that mutation has made it much more likely that they will develop colon cancer.

Your grandmother being a survivor shows just how great treatments are with early detection.
We are all born with a cancer gene.
What triggers it is another thing.
The key is early detection which I'm sure your grandmother had.
Colonoscopies are the way to find any signs of colon cancer.
Many will have polyps on the colon and they are removed right away and biopsied.
Most are benign.
When I had my colonoscopy, my doctor removed 6 polyps, all benign.
Also too, when there is a family history, never neglect the testing.
It's simple, wise, and that's why your mom is having it.
Praying all will good for her.
God bless your grandmother.
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What's The Chance My Mom Will Have Cancer?

Postby Harrell » Mon Oct 02, 2017 7:45 pm

Colon cancer can be hereditary.
I am guessing your mother is near 50yo and that is the age where people are advised to do checks for colon cancer.
In Australia we all get a kit in the mail when we turn 50 which we are meant to do a check and send it to the lab.
If they feel it is necessary you will then be called in for a colonoscopy.
Many many people have colonoscopies and don't have cancer.
Your mother's risk is slightly higher but that doesn't mean she will have it.
If found early which she probably would be it has a good success rate of beating.
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