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What's A Good Surprise To Do For My Little Brother When He Comes Home?

Leukemia and blood cancer discussion.

What's A Good Surprise To Do For My Little Brother When He Comes Home?

Postby Driskell » Sat Sep 30, 2017 2:36 am

My brother was diagnosed with leukemia on Monday(Technically the official diagnosis was give on Tuesday, but the doctors told my parents they were sure he had leukemia on Monday when he went to the E.R). He started induction chemo at St.Jude's on Thursday. He's 9 years old and he has AML M5. He finishes his first round of induction on Tuesday. I know we have to wait until his counts recover before he comes home but when that happens he'll have 5 days at home before going back for his 2nd induction. My older brother, younger sister, and I have been staying at our grandparents and cousins house since they have been in the hospital, but we want to do something cool for him when he comes back. We know he's gonna be weak, but we've never been apart like this and I want him to feel welcomed.

What would be something cool to do for him?

I thought of throwing him a welcome home party, but I'm not sure yet because since he'll be recovering and his counts may still not be completely back to normal, he'll be vulnerable to infection, and maybe having a lot of people around spreading germs may make him sick, meaning he'll have to go back to the hospital and not get those few days at home. I'm 13, but i've looked everything up about the cancer and I know the dangers and everything(Well not 100% but I have an idea). I overheard my grandmother talking to my mom and she was telling her that the chemo side effects kicked in today and that he threw up and had nausea and felt very tired today. I hope he can handle it all, I know he's brave and strong. We like Harry Potter so it's funny because now I tell him he's an actual Gryffindor - He likes that xD

Thanks to anyone who helps me out :)
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What's A Good Surprise To Do For My Little Brother When He Comes Home?

Postby Tris » Sat Sep 30, 2017 2:37 am

hi Have a heart! sure. How old is this "little brother?" circulate to the BX or clothing sales shop and purchase him a sequence of Air stress PT uniforms and AF sweatshirt and Hoodie, and AF Tee shirt. Your mom knows his length. And, wrap it up in one in each and every of those submit place of work packing containers. Then, come abode IN UNIFORM - BLUES - and ring the door bell. Be on the telephone with your mom so she would be able to tell him to circulate open the DOOR. Then, you assert: "The Mailman gave me this equipment to furnish to: "Johnny!" (Insert his actual call). that's the marvel! perfect needs, Larry Smith Senior grasp Sergeant, USAF (Ret.) First Sergeant
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What's A Good Surprise To Do For My Little Brother When He Comes Home?

Postby Dallin » Sat Sep 30, 2017 2:38 am

Please feel free to ask your parents to sign him up at chemoangels.com they will assign him two "angels" to send him cards/letters/and gifts every week. :) It's a wonderful organization and will cheer him up weekly as he goes through treatment. :) I have been a chemo angel for 5 years now, and it's the best organization out there for those going through chemo treatment.
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What's A Good Surprise To Do For My Little Brother When He Comes Home?

Postby cedrik » Sat Sep 30, 2017 2:39 am

He may be glad to come home to normal life.
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What's A Good Surprise To Do For My Little Brother When He Comes Home?

Postby shaw » Sat Sep 30, 2017 2:44 am

Yes im sorry to hear that my best sympathies ..... and yes dont throw him a party because of the infection risk what i did for my little sister when she came home from hospital (leukaemia) she fine now ,i put together some of her close friends (with masks on) and ghost buster like costumes we called em chemo busters so stephanie would not feel out of place and served some cold treats jello frozen pineapple etc because chemo makes your mouth taste horrible and dry and got her friends to make a get well banner to hang in her bedroom next when stephanie felt like going to lay down she went and laid down on a brand new coverlet cover and pillowslip , basically what i did is lift her spirits and made her feel at home and well loved thats all you have to do i felt terribly guilty myself dont because you have to always put a smile on for your brother in the face of adversity
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