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What is this tender lump under my chin?

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What is this tender lump under my chin?

Postby danvin39 » Wed Sep 12, 2012 7:01 am


Yesterday I awoke to a tenderness in my jaw and neck, especially when I raised my head. Upon examination I have an enlarged lump under my chin. I know this is a lymph node as I have felt its presence before unusally it is tender and bigger than normal. Also it seems further back from my chin than it usually is.

Its worth pointing out I am health anxious and I am awaiting psychiatric help for this but as far as I am aware, only 3 things cause enlarged nodes, bacteria, virus or cancer. Correct me if Im wrong please.

Anyway, I had already given blood last week for suspected hypothyroidism which turned out normal but when I saw my dr this morning to discuss those results, I raised this enlarged node with him and he shrugged it off as a probable infection, saying its nothing to worry about, despite the fact I have no obvious signs of infection or illness.

The main thing I am worried about is lymphoma as for over a year now I have suffered with many symptoms ranging from tiredness, night sweats, dry mouth, dry eyes, headaches, occipital neuralgia, post nasal drip etc etc, most of which were put down to stress, but I know stress doesnt cause enlarged nodes. Again correct me if I am wrong. When I asked about lymphoma my Dr said that the recent bloodwork would have shown elevated lymphocytes if I had lymphoma and that stress can definitely cause enlarged lymph nodes, even simple things like a bad meal or a slight allergy can cause them. Im not sure I agree with this.

Im definitely health anxious, but at the same time, is my Dr right? And should I be more concerned about this node considering im not ill in the sense of having an infection that I am aware of, and also I have night sweats which is a common symptom of lymphoma?

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