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What is this hard lump under my ear behind the left side of my neck?

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What is this hard lump under my ear behind the left side of my neck?

Postby garwig95 » Sat Dec 15, 2012 4:28 am

(im apologizing for the long story ahead of time, sorry:) Hey guys ok so recently I was massaging my left shoulder and I noticed I felt pressure in my head, my left eye and neck. I started rubbing more curiously and I found this hard small-medium sized ball just under my ear on the left side in the back of my neck. I assumed it was part of my skull, but I felt the other side and it was just flat. It doesn't hurt to the touch, only if you apply force. About a week ago I went to the ENT because I was having a soar itchy throat/itchy ears issue. He told me I had a gastrointestinal issue from acid reflux. He told me to take anti acids(Pepcid AC) and to avoid certain foods. I was relieved from worry up until now because recently aside from the lump discovery my ears feel like when your in high altitudes and popping them is of no use. My ears still get itchy and my throat still gets soar but not as much as when i started the anti acids last week. I feel pressure in my head and eyes especially when I lay down and I'm so sick of constant worry that it could be something very serious like cancer. I will go see the ENT again but like everyone else I just can't wait to hear what it could be my anxiety gets the best of me :/ thanks for reading and hopefully someone has some insight on this :(
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What is this hard lump under my ear behind the left side of my neck?

Postby maccoll35 » Sat Dec 15, 2012 4:29 am

Don't be a hypercondreact now, before you diagnose yourself with Cancer, just think back a bit.
What had you been doing before you noticed the lump?
You see, a few months ago, my brother went overseas and he got water in his ear. He kept sticking his finger in it to get it out. Anyway, the said his whole trip was bad because of the pain he was in. He couldn't hear properly out of it.
He saw a doctor and there was a lump behind his ear or something. Turns out he had a ear canal infection and his glands were just swollen. The doctor gave him antibiotics and after a few days he was find. However, defenitaly contact your doctor soon so you know and your comfortable.

Goodluck xx
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