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What injections do girls need in high school uk?

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What injections do girls need in high school uk?

Postby luxovious » Wed Mar 06, 2013 4:05 pm

Okay so I have heard some friends have seen the school nurse about sex education. A few of them have mentioned about this other jab we need but I have never heard of it nor my parents. And when I spoke to a nurse/doctor 4-5months AIl I asked and she said we don't need any more until we are 16. So I am confused and scared about these jabs because I hate them even though I listened to this therapy thing which helped last time I needed a jab. Anyway can you please make a list of all injections girls need through high school and whatever age in UK.
Thank you in advance!
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What injections do girls need in high school uk?

Postby chetzron98 » Wed Mar 06, 2013 4:07 pm

No, I think you've had them all. Have you had a rubella jab? Usually you get it when you're 11-12. The only other possible one would be a tetanus booster but that's prolly what your school nurse was thinking about when she said you don't get anymore until you're 16.

They won't just drop them on you anyway. They have to send home a consent form first for your parent to sign if they want you to have the jab. Also, if you say you don't want it, then the nurses won't give it to you.

Personally, I just got all my jabs done at my GP surgery. I'm 15 so you wouldn't think this'd be that hard to remember. I had a rubella jab when I was 11 and the cervical cancer jabs last year. I've also had flu jabs and the pneumonia jab but that was cuz I've got congenital heart disease - I don't think you'd be offered either of those just cuz of your age.

PS pleased to see your local health trust have dropped the BCG. Giving the BCG to teenagers is a waste of time as doctors have known for many years that it only really works when given to little chilfdren, (i.e. not teenagers!).
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What injections do girls need in high school uk?

Postby watelford » Wed Mar 06, 2013 4:15 pm

You have a BCG injection, then girls also have a cervical cancer jab too. That's it, and both ate technically optional (although recommended, obviously)
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