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What In Sally Ride's Chart Indicated That She Was A Trailblazer?

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What In Sally Ride's Chart Indicated That She Was A Trailblazer?

Postby aeary » Mon Jul 24, 2017 8:38 am

I wondered where this question came from and then found out she died today at the age of 61 from pancreatic cancer. RIP

The obvious answer is she has Venus in the first house in Cancer and Venus rules the Pisces MC by exaltation. Jupiter the exaltation ruler of Venus is in her 10th house of honors. But this doesn't exactly say "trailblazer" but I think that's inaccurate anyway. She didn't do anything that hadn't been done before. Her gender made her a "trailblazer." Please don't misunderstand. She was an amazing person with great skills and abilities and she deserved the recognition she got. But a trailblazer does things first. She didn't. Her "pioneering" was political.

She does have one idiosyncrasy in her chart that I've seen in the charts of people who make pests of themselves until they get where they want to go. I've never seen this observed in any old text and in only one modern text, but it seems to ring true. People with Mercury, Venus and the Sun in three different signs have difficulty "integrating the personality" or in the vernacular, "putting it all together." They are frequently misunderstood and are considered difficult. A good example is Michelangelo, who, in addition to his great genius, was a serious pain in the butt. She may have been the same way and for this reason drove everyone nuts until she got to be the first woman in space. I don't know that to be a fact. Actually I know nothing about her personality. But the combination of being difficult coupled with her abilities and the potential for honors shown in the chart might be what you're looking for.
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What In Sally Ride's Chart Indicated That She Was A Trailblazer?

Postby Wake » Mon Jul 24, 2017 8:41 am

yeah, the 6th house is paintings. There are 3 "economic" properties--the 2nd is what you very own, determining to purchase and promoting etc.; the 10th is a profession, that which you do which calls on your particular abilities, and the 6th is a job, employment. be conscious that that's employment on a good-substitute foundation--a undeniable volume of pay for a undeniable volume of paintings, which supplies for actual desires--additionally ruled via the 6th homestead. be conscious that on the time of day the solar is interior the 6th homestead--approximately 6-8pm--maximum every physique is leaving paintings (transitioning from public life, the twelfth-seventh properties, to non-public, 6th-1st), coming homestead and searching after dinner, etc.--their actual desires--previously possibly unique or going out dancing whilst the solar strikes into the 5th homestead. i do no longer think of fastened indications unavoidably paintings extra solid, a number of them could be very lazy, yet they do tend to be solid. Cardinal indications tend to get people going yet have not got an identical persist with-by way of, mutually as mutable indications adapt nicely to new circumstances yet in addition circulate directly to different new circumstances extra many times. seem to the situation and power of saturn interior the chart to get a experience for paintings ethic.
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