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What Else Can I Say About Colon Cancer?

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What Else Can I Say About Colon Cancer?

Postby Varden » Wed Oct 04, 2017 9:37 am

i have a group presentation on colon cancer. my part is the symptoms of colon cancer. The symptoms are Blood in stool, Thin stool, Abdonminal pain, and Fatigue. i have a breif describtion of each but that doesnt even give a one page summary. What else can i say to elborate more about the symptons of colon cancer.

i dont want my group thinking im not doing my part its just there is little information on colon cancer symptoms its pretty straight forward.
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What Else Can I Say About Colon Cancer?

Postby Sawyere » Wed Oct 04, 2017 9:41 am

Stage 3C 6 month survivor.

The only symptom I had prior to diagnosis was acute abdominal pain/cramping, which was originally thought to be colitis.
Colon cancer is one of the "sneaky" cancers that sometimes shows no symptoms at all.

Blood in stool is an indicator, but amount of blood varies widely from survivor to survivor.
An elevated CEA (Carcinoembryonic antigen) marker level is also a indicator, not not overtly accurate.

Colon cancer is among the 3 most fatal cancers around.
African Americans seen to have a higher likelihood of developing it.
If caught early, survival rates are near 80% after 7 years.

Best preventative is high fiber - high protein diet and colonoscopies at regular intervals after age 50, unless CC is in your family history, then screening should begin earlier.
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What Else Can I Say About Colon Cancer?

Postby Eugenius » Wed Oct 04, 2017 9:55 am

With a historical past of constipation there are different matters beside melanoma you could have (I do comprehend why you desire to attend to have the colonoscopy considering the fact that of coverage however have it performed asap). With constipation more commonly the difficult stool will make hemorrhoids bleed and in addition you'll get a tear within the rectal tissue known as a rectal fissure. A physician can diagnose either one of those matters in the course of an workplace seek advice from through putting a finger within the subject. If it's both of those no less than it is going to handiest be an workplace seek advice from cost for now. If it's those 2, handling constipation with healing will aid (Colace is an OTC drug to aid melt the stool- Take a million capsule two-three instances an afternoon) and you'll have surgical procedure while you get coverage if wanted . Often fissures heal with nutrition difference & healing to regard constipation (no surgical procedure). Go for an workplace examination & it can be simply that for now. Good success.
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