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What does FULL BLOWN cancer mean (in this case colon cancer)?

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What does FULL BLOWN cancer mean (in this case colon cancer)?

Postby herve » Wed Mar 13, 2013 7:24 pm

It is probably a expression to show it has spread a long ways.

Like a car accident, there are minor problems, simple repairs, and more extensive repairs required, and some cases where repair is impossible.

Full blown seems to indicate this person will not get repaired very easy.

One case that I know of the guy had almost all of his intestines removed, and a bag put in place for the final drain. He is still living, and happy for the modern medical procedures that allowed it to happen. Yet he is in his 80's and will not live forever.

For a more precise explanation, ask what stage it is in. There is stage 1, minor, and highly likely to be fully treated, all the way up to stage 4, where treatment is unlikely to prolong life expectancy, yet anything might happen.
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What does FULL BLOWN cancer mean (in this case colon cancer)?

Postby rowyn » Wed Mar 13, 2013 7:35 pm

It means, Stage-IV metastasized and tertiary stage.

Colon cancer, like the vast majority of cancers, is staged under a standard system called the AJCC Staging Sytem or the TNM staging system. The AJCC system was created by the American Joint Committee on Cancer and is called the TNM system because the T, N and M factors are the three factors used in staging the cancer.
The T number is determined by a doctor who evaluates both the size and growth of the primary cancer. In liver cancer, the T number is diagnosed based on how many layers of the colon the tumor has penetrated. The layers include the innermost lining, (the mucosa) the thin muscle layer next to the mucosa (the muscularis mucosa), the fibers and tissue above the mucosa (the muscularis mucosa), the contracting muscle layer that helps move the contents through the intestine (the muscularis propi) and finally the outermost layers (the subserosa and serosa).
The N number refers to lymph node involvement (whether the cancer has spread to nearby lymph nodes). The M number refers to whether the cancer has metastasized to other parts of the body distinct from the colon/rectum and general digestive system.

Stage IV Cancer

Stage IV colorectal cancer refers to a cancer with any T number, any N number, and an M number of M1. This means that the level of layers of the colon and the lymph node involvement is not important in diagnosing Stage IV Cancer. A diagnosis of Stage IV cancer is always given when the cancer spreads from the primary site (the colon) to other sites on the body.

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What does FULL BLOWN cancer mean (in this case colon cancer)?

Postby pyrs » Wed Mar 13, 2013 7:36 pm

It is not a medical term, so the interpretation depends on the context. For instance it might be used as way of saying that an adenoma (precancerous polyp) is no longer an adenoma, but has progressed to a very early (and absolutely curable) stage of cancer. In this context, "fully developed" is a better expression than "full blown".

I think It would be incorrect to use the term full blown cancer as a way to distinguish between an early stage cancer and a widespread cancer.
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