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What Does Being A Bottom Feel Like?

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What Does Being A Bottom Feel Like?

Postby Efnisien » Sat Aug 12, 2017 7:32 am

Next time you are masturbating, use some lube and explore your anus with your fingers, you are feeling for the prostrate gland which can be felt through the anus, its the mans G spot and massaging it is very pleasurable makes your erection harder (you can use a vibrator with plenty of water based lube and go easy) If you want to try anal sex with your girlfriend she can try a strap on, many straight guys do this with a female partner or you can go all the way and try anal sex with a guy as maybe you are a bi guy and are attracted to both girls and guys.
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What Does Being A Bottom Feel Like?

Postby Aviur » Sat Aug 12, 2017 7:38 am

Bottoming is quite an interesting experience. It depends on who you do it with considering all men's "tools" are of different sizes. But basically it's... kinda hard to explain. All you basically feel is the throbbing and warmth. It feels good if done right, but it can really bad as well.
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