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What Biological Systems Does Tuberculosis Affect?

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What Biological Systems Does Tuberculosis Affect?

Postby Sissy » Fri Oct 06, 2017 5:18 pm

Yes, and it's an interesting one because it can affect almost anywhere. I've seen spinal TB, TB in the caecum (part of your large intestine, lymph nodes of the neck, huge abscesses in the skin, TB meningitis, and of course the lungs. It is only 'catchy' when it's active in the lungs though.

There is also 'miliary TB' which is widespread throughout the body.

'Latent TB' is when a person has been exposed to TB and has it inside them, but it is dormant in the ganglia of nerves and can reactivate if someone's immune system function falls e.g. AIDS, immunosuppressant drugs, cancer. Latent TB is actually pretty common and generally wouldn't even be treated as the immune system keeps it in check and the disease never does anything. If you have latent TB, you have roughly a 10% lifetime risk of ever having a problem from it. If a doctor was starting you on immunosuppressant drugs for another reason (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis), then they would first treat the latent/inactive TB so that it doesn't get freed from the immune system control.
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