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What Are The Risks And Rewards Of Breast Reduction?

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What Are The Risks And Rewards Of Breast Reduction?

Postby Priestly » Sat Sep 23, 2017 7:08 am

Hi, this is going to get kinda personal, just a fore note. So I'm fourteen years old, and I wear a large 32DDD. Technically I wear a 30DDD, but if anyone can relate to the horror of asking for such an unbalanced size, then you know how uncomfortable it is. I'm only fourteen so there is a huge possibility that they will still grow, and if they do, then I will need to get custom bras made. I don't want to do that. I want to wear a bra that isn't white, beige, black, or leopard. I want to be able to go into a normal lingerie shop with my friends and get a cute bra that doesn't cost $70+. Also I'm like 117 pounds, so I'm extremely top heavy. Like my measurements are 37, 26, 35.
And forget swimming! I pretend I don't like swimming just so I don't have to get in a swim suit! I couldn't wear a two piece if I wanted to, which I don't, just because I would probably fall out of it.

My mom died of ovarian cancer almost two years ago, so it's just my dad, my 22 year old sister (that wears a small 32D), and my dog. This is the kind of thing you would talk about with your mom, and because she isn't here, I wanted to really have all the facts before I even mentioned it to my dad. He isn't very understanding when it comes to some things. But this really has me down. I look about 15 pounds heavier because of my breast size, and it has limited my physical opportunities (like sports. I used to do ballet, but I always felt really uncomfortable next to such flat chested people.) and it has started taking a toll on my back and neck. My shoulders are ALWAYS sore, and my posture has really depleted recently.

So my mind has pushed the idea of breast reduction forward. And before I get stuck on it, I have been doing some research on the costs, before and after and possible post-op problems. I know there is a high chance that I will not be able to breast feed my children if I have any, but I do know that the first breast milk bank is in a very accessible location from where I live now.

Honestly all I can imagine is not having people comment on my ridiculously large breasts, not looking at my chest before looking at my face, sitting up straight because I won't feel like I'm thrusting my boobs in anyone's face, and just having a nice 32C size. Before I get set on it, I want to make sure I know all of the risks and problems that could arise.

The problem I'm most worried with right now is my emotional state post-op, and if I would have any regrets or anything like that. I have always been confident: I'm good at public speaking, and even though I don't have the best skin, I never wear makeup. But having this sized breasts make me feel fat, and really unattractive, which I don't want to feel at all.

So if anyone has advice, experience, or really anything, please comment! I am really unhappy and I want to know more about something that could make me feel more comfortable. Thank you so much for reading all the way through!
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What Are The Risks And Rewards Of Breast Reduction?

Postby Zack » Sat Sep 23, 2017 7:15 am

Hi Cassiea

A couple of things to start off with; you are correct about the bras, someone need to make bras for girls like yourself, inexpensive and pretty. www.Bravissimo.com and www.CurvyKate.com have nice bras in your size but they are expensive. I feel bad for you there are a lot of girls like you so don't feel all alone.

like this girl, she's 15 and a 36FF; http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?...

I told her the same thing

As you pointed out a breast reduction can be complications like loss of the nipples and loss of feeling in the breasts, plus the scares are awful, so your breasts will never really look natural. So I guess you can tell I'm not a believer in Breast Reductions. It's a major surgery, plus I'm not sure you can have on till you are 18 because your still growing. I did read that in some cases the pill can slow down the growth by clogging up the mammary glands with the extra estrogen.

That said;

You have a wonderfully womanly, curvy figure. You are an extremely rare and unique girl that almost doesn't exist but many wish they could find. I'm sure there are plenty of girls that find breasts your size exceptional. If you find such a girl she'll be the luckiest girl around.

I also believe the reason your asking this question is because you feel uncomfortable with your breasts. It seems like everyone stares at them and that makes you feel self-conscience, venerable and maybe even trashy. And that's not your fault. Therefore you don't feel that you are unique and beautiful. And this should help.

What I found helps is to change the way YOU Perceive Yourself. See you can't stop people from looking at your boobs. It's human nature to look. You probably do the same thing. See people notice things that are different, unusual and/or beautiful.

Like a Lamborghini Car driving through your neighborhood, unusual in your neighborhood and also very beautiful. So you look. And people stare and look at things that are different, like a very tall person, a chipped tooth, two different colored eyes, etc. Do you see what I'm saying. And you are different, unusual and beautiful. Among your friends and almost anyone else, you are probably the only 14 year old girl that is slender and 30DDD. Hence you're very different, very unique And Very Beautiful so people look at you and your boobs. And though you don't think so, they're thinking OMG!, WOW!, she's Awesome. But they can't help it, it's human nature. So that's why I say YOU have to change the way You feel about Yourself. Cause you cant' change human nature.

To change the way you feel about yourself you kind of have to put yourself in a state-of-mind where you imagine you're a super-model or even a celebrity and everyone can't help but look how awesome you are. Or try the bodybuilder mentality trick. Have you ever noticed how guys with big muscles are so cocky like "Hey look at me, I'm all that"? They don't run and hide and say "Boo-Hoo, everyone's looking at my big muscles, that makes me feel self-conscience." NO they flaunt it. So be like a tough guy show off your "Girl Muscles" and put those people in their places who dis' you. And if guys are creepy, use the power in your big boobs and intimidate them and put them in their place. But that's easier said than done.

And I know you feel SUPER Embarrassed and you do NOT like to "show off". But you can "show off" with style and elegance by wearing a stylish top. Like what is Sofia Vergara wearing? She has a clothing line for curvy girls for a good price at Kmart.

Remember there is a lot of POWER in your Big Boobs. Guys and girls alike want them. And you have them. And if YOU Have What People Want, YOU Hold the Power. So don't wimp out. BE POWERFUL.

Oh, and read what the starinabra.com models have to say they're very inspirational. Bravissimo and Curvykate have pretty bras and clothes in large sizes D-JJ cups.

And so does Pepperberry. they say; " Pepperberry is a new fashion brand with a simple philosophy: clothes designed with your boobs in mind!" We understand how to make bigger boobs look great in clothes. Choose from Curvy, Really Curvy or Super Curvy.

Good Luck and Power to the Boobies!!

Rock your "Girl Muscles"

You can do it, Be Strong.

Be Awesome!!

check out getmerated.com there are many girls like you.

Take Marie she is not ashamed of being awesome

So Don't be ashamed of being more awesome then the other girls


Source(s): http://www.getmerated.com http://www.getmerated.com/Profile.aspx?m...






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What Are The Risks And Rewards Of Breast Reduction?

Postby Verrill » Sat Sep 23, 2017 7:25 am

Looking at your measurements I think you should try UK sized bras. Getting bras that are larger than a DD cup size and smaller than a 32 band size can be difficult and expensive, but there are sales and bargains all the time. You only really need 4 bras at a time. You can sell your used bras, as long as they aren't too badly worn on bratabase. At your age, I don't think it's healthy to think about getting plastic surgery. There is no way to know what you will look like when you are older. There are cupped sports bras and cupped swimsuit available.
http://wp.me/p1GTj0-i http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zWQLKG4Q...

list of online stores: thelittlebracompany marksandspencers brastop

bravissimo simplyyours figleaves bouxavenue ewa-michalak amazon and ebay.
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