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What Are Some Ideas For My Dog's Last Days?

Mesothelioma causes, treatment and diagnosis discussion

What Are Some Ideas For My Dog's Last Days?

Postby gwevyl » Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:21 am

Just make sure she has a quiet and comfortable place to rest.
As long as she is not in pain, or her pain can be adequately managed at home, then I'd recommend keeping her there.
If she reaches the point where her pain can no longer be managed, or if she can no longer eat or eliminate her waste then the most responsible and humane thing to do at that point would be to have the vet put her to sleep.
I know as a dog owner that this is a horrible thought, but I also know from seeing my dad die of cancer that it is a brutal disease that in most cases reaches the point where they are in constant pain.
Had euthanasia been possible for my dad, I know my mom would have given anything not to see him in pain anymore.
The fact that we can do this for our pets is a blessing.
Letting her go out in peace instead of pain is a gift of love.
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What Are Some Ideas For My Dog's Last Days?

Postby Murphey » Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:27 am

Feed her chocolate and a bunch of other stuff that tastes good, but is bad for his health.
At this point, the mesothelioma will kill the dog a lot faster than anything he could eat.
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