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What Are Other Causes Of Lung Cancer Besides Smoking?

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What Are Other Causes Of Lung Cancer Besides Smoking?

Postby preston » Fri Oct 06, 2017 12:03 pm

My aunt died of lung cancer about a year ago. I didn't understand how she got lung cancer. She was 5',6", she travel a lot, and did not smoke. Can anyone help?
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What Are Other Causes Of Lung Cancer Besides Smoking?

Postby Cadarn » Fri Oct 06, 2017 12:08 pm

There are other causes of lung cancer not related to smoking. People who smoke and who also are exposed to these other causes have an even higher risk for lung cancer.

These other causes include:

* Exposure to cancer-causing agents through a person's job. This includes exposure to asbestos, either in the mining or construction industries. Inhaled asbestos particles may remain in the lungs, damaging lung cells. It also includes exposure to certain industrial substances like coal products, vinyl chloride, nickel chromate, arsenic, and exposure to some organic chemicals like chloromethyl ethers.

* Exposure to radiation, either through one's occupation or for medical reasons, such as repeated x-rays, though this is quite uncommon.

* Radon gas, which occurs naturally in rocks and soil in certain areas, may cause lung damage and may eventually result in lung cancer if it seeps into your home. The presence of radon in the home can be measured using an inexpensive kit that can be purchased at department or hardware stores.

Research suggests that some people are more at risk for developing cancer if their body is not as easily able to deal with certain cancer-causing chemicals. This inability to neutralize cancer-causing chemicals is believed to be inherited.

Researchers also believe that in some people, when they come into contact with certain cancer-causing agents, their immune system, instead of neutralizing them, will actually make these agents more aggressive within the body. Such people, therefore, would be more sensitive to tobacco smoke and chemicals known to cause cancer.
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What Are Other Causes Of Lung Cancer Besides Smoking?

Postby Wynono » Fri Oct 06, 2017 12:18 pm

depending on how old she was, she was probably exposed to a great deal of second hand smoke

which can kill you just as fast
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