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What All Changes When You Get Your Dogs "fixed"?

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What All Changes When You Get Your Dogs "fixed"?

Postby Amado » Tue Feb 25, 2014 5:43 pm

I am planning on getting both of my one year old yorkies fixed next month...what all changes when you do that, besides the fact that they can't have kids.

Tj is the more dominate one and has been acting like a brat for like the last week(growling almost like he's pmsing).

Sammie is the laid back type and just goes with the flow.

So how will it effect them?
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What All Changes When You Get Your Dogs "fixed"?

Postby Worrell » Sat Mar 08, 2014 7:12 pm

Well what usually happens is that they will be less hyper and they will be more laid back like how sammie is. So Sammie will probaly be the same Tj will probally get more like how sammie is. He wont growl or be so snoby. the reason why he is probaly growling is that he is trying to protect his territory. he doesnt really want any males around him , but when dogs get fixed they wont always change. for example i got my dog fixed and he was so so hyper and he still is. there will be like a 49.3% of not changing and a 50.7% of changing when you get dogs fixed. You just need to hope lol. You dont have to worry about Sammie . Tj is the one oyu need to worry about

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p.s. good luck ;p
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What All Changes When You Get Your Dogs "fixed"?

Postby Sedgewick » Fri Mar 14, 2014 4:49 am

Spaying/neutering, regardless of popular belief, does not affect a dog's personality.

Often overlooked is the decreased calorie requirements that altered (spayed/neutered) pets need.
Without such high hormone production, the body's metabolism drops.
If you continue to feed the same amount as when they were intact, they often will become obese, simply because their bodies aren't burning as many calories anymore.

Kudos to you for having your pups fixed - not only does it help control pet overpopulation, it's also beneficial to their health.
Intact males are at a much greater risk of testicular and prostate cancer - neutering eliminates the risk of testicular cancer (because they're gone), and greatly reduces the chance of prostate cancer, because it's hormonal driven - without testosterone being produced in large amounts, the chances of development are greatly reduced.
Spaying females also reduces the risk of mammary cancer, and eliminates the possibility of ovarian cancer.


The condition of having only one testicle descended (called "cryptorchid") increases the risk of the undescended testicle becoming cancerous, as it is maintained at a higher temperature than it should be naturally.
Of course, this is only if it is not removed.
The price of the neuter will be slightly higher, as your veterinarian will need to remove the second testicle either by means of the inguinal canal, or by making a second incision and removing it abdominally, depending upon where it is stuck.
Other than that, it will not affect him any differently than a "regular" neuter.
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What All Changes When You Get Your Dogs "fixed"?

Postby Garve » Wed Mar 19, 2014 7:25 pm

positively. they wont have any hormones dominating their behavior, so they will be much more laid back, and contrary to some sorry, but morons belief, they will be happier! its like comparing a teenager with an adult. Congrats on making the right decision! if everyone were responsible pet owners, we wouldnt have millions of dogs dying in shelters every day.
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