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Went In For A Pap Smear Today, Does It Sound Good So Far? Ten Points?

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Went In For A Pap Smear Today, Does It Sound Good So Far? Ten Points?

Postby fredric » Thu Oct 05, 2017 8:14 pm

Went in for a pap smear today, does it sound good so far? ten points?

went in to try and put my mind at ease. I am 23 years old and never had one, lost my V at 18. (I know I should have gone sooner) but anyway, my issue was for the past 3 years certain positions during sex that prod my sides (like me laying sideways on the bed and him standing) hurt for me, regular positions, even deep, are fine for me.. like cowboy, reverse cowboy, doggy, and missionary are fine. So, the past 6 months or so about every other month I would bleed brown (rarely, but one time red) it would be more like spotting, for a day to day and a half. enough for me to think I needed a tampon, sometimes mixed with discharge. It would typically be around 17-22 days after last period (I usually start at 32 days or so). I know that in my past, my body bleeds brown both in transition to period mode, and about a week- half week before.. I always was used to that and used it as a sign my period was coming. Is this ALL normal? One time about 6 months ago I bled after rougher sex (did not hurt, but was rough) and ended up lightly spotting for a few days fresh blood, little achy, not really. Only happened once (btw, he is not that big, 7 inches)

So I went to get a pap today, woman understood my worry and reassured me, she said the pain during sex in certain positions is fairly common and is not a sign of Cervical Cancer until mid to latter stages usually. She said that since I have had this for 3 years, she is not worried cause after pre-cancerous turns cancerous, it is relatively fast growing. And that it is unlikely I would have the cancer (3 years ago) at 20 after only having sex for 2 years cause Pre-cancerous cells usually take multiple years to develop and usually due to HPV.

She examed me and swabbed, while looking inside she said it looks normal, which is a good sign. But can never be sure without the swab test. She said my cervix looks healthy, smooth, and that is a great sign that I don't have this type of cancer. She then showed me a diagram that showed early to late stages and how they progress. Stage 1 showed slight cancer mass around cervix hole, and it looked more metastasized as the stages progressed. Around stage 2-3 it showed the cervix having lots of growths and that it bleeds easy when touched. She said mine looked smooth with no bump growths, which is usually a good sign and not to fret. then she sent me on my way. waiting for results

was she right
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Went In For A Pap Smear Today, Does It Sound Good So Far? Ten Points?

Postby barnes » Thu Oct 05, 2017 8:18 pm

i think she was totally right
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