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Urine Cytology

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Urine Cytology

Postby Josiah » Sun Nov 29, 2015 8:37 am

What does the following results mean: The specimen consists predominantly of squames. The background contains crystals and occasional histiocytes. There is a single grouping of degenerated urothelial cells present. These groupings contain cells with increased N:C ratios with hyperchromatic chromatin. positive degenerated urothelial cells present raises possibility of low-grade lesion.    I had a renal ultrasound done - normal    I had a cystoscopy done - normal

ANSWER: Hello Gwen:

The report details microscopic examination of urine. Crystals are found along with histiocytes which are scavenger cells in the urine. these findings are not clinically significant.

However, there is seen a group of cells "degenerated urothelial cells" These cells are having an enlarged nucleus in proportion to the cytoplasm of cells. This is considered suspicious....maybe a low grade cancer cell or a cell which has undergone change having been in the urine for a while.

If cystoscopy is normal, this could a degenerated cell group(basically dying cells) Your physician may ask for a repeat urine exam just to rule out presence of such abnormal cells. If these are not found in the repeat sample, there is no cause for worry

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Is having cells with hyperchromatic chromatin significant in understanding the results of the urine cytology test?
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Urine Cytology

Postby Rob » Sun Nov 29, 2015 4:05 pm

hi Gwen:

Cells with hyper chromatic nuclei...are basically cells in which the chromatin(genetic material) localized in the nucleus of cells is very dark staining(hyper chromatic)

This is generally a feature of cancer cells. However, this is significant if there are significant number of cells. A single group present needs further evaluation.

I would recommend a repeat urine exam
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