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Ultrasound Results-interpretation And What Is Next

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Ultrasound Results-interpretation And What Is Next

Postby Kajika » Mon Oct 06, 2014 12:42 pm

Dear Karen,

my blood work has been in normal range for 4 years but always on the very low side....

I have had weight gain, all the symptoms and always asked about my thyoroid.  I have moved and a new doctor(which is great and thorough)told me sometimes this is a ''hidden'' problem

did an ultrasound and found the thyroid slightly enlarged...here is my question--

the ultrasound is what I need help interpreting

right thyroid lobe measures 5.6x1.7cm left thyroid lobe measures 4.7x1.4cm thyroid texture is hetergeneous....there are subtle ares of altered echo texture in the upper pole of the right thyroid lobe and the anterior lower pole of the right thyroid lobe potentially representing almost isoechoic massses but I can not confirm this. they involve areas up to 1.4 cm in diamter

there is a subtle area of altered echo texture in the upper of the left thyuroid lobe encompassing an area of aproximately 1.3 cm in diamter. Again this conceivably could represent an almost asoechoic mass but I can not confirm this.  There is no additional abnormality

Impression:  thyroid lobe is slightly enlarged. subtly altered echo texture both thyroid lobes poetntially representing almost isocehoic masses but I can not confirm.  Further evaluation with the radionuclide study recommended.

Can you tell me what all that is?!?!?!

Is that the ony way to find out is more tests?

I will if it will help, my gut tells me.

but I know I feel awful and want to feel better,

and all.. I appreciate any information you can give

Thanks so much

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Ultrasound Results-interpretation And What Is Next

Postby Sullivan » Mon Oct 06, 2014 4:26 pm

Dear Diana,  YES, you need to have follow-up testing because "isoechoic" masses could represent thyroid cancer and your doctor needs to do more testing and a nuclear iodine uptake scan and even surgery to remove the thyroid gland may be needed to insure a proper diagnosis...  Fine Needle Aspiration(FNA) is not that accurate and this is why most surgeons prefer to remove the thyroid gland that contains these masses so a proper diagnosis can be made...  FNA can also cause hemorrhaging and this is not something a surgeon likes to see or deal with if they end up taking out the gland.....

I am NOT saying this is cancer, but it could be and you MUST have more testing done and/or surgery to make sure... This radiologist is being very vague because most radiologist can determine a definate solid mass, of a cyst or a complex cyst and it sounds like the ultrasound was not done very well or these masses are just not showing up well on the ultrasound...  You definately need more follow up tests...

thank you,   karen
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