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Tnm Category And Lymph Nodes?

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Tnm Category And Lymph Nodes?

Postby Ebenezer » Thu May 01, 2014 8:46 am

Hi - Iam new here and also to be honest it seems really peculiar that Iam posting a problem on the cancer community... how easily our lives transform!
I had been recently diagnosed with Stage II Follicular Thyroid Cancer.  I've had my throid eliminated plus one of the lymph nodes... Cancer was present in this lymph node.
Our first problem is, why he just eliminated one?  could it be farily obvious towards the doctor which lymph node is dubious?  I perhaps panicking but I keep thinking what-if others had cancer plus theyare still inside me?
Subsequently... I reside in England and at my last visit using the doctor I had been offered a document containing a log in the procedure, a beautiful big full-colour picture of my large hideous thyroid... blood tests and also the laboratory report in the biopsy.
They've considered the nodule as T2 N1 but no reference to the M... does this imply that they didnn't know-so could not state or does it imply that itis not related?
Any suggestions could be really welcome - thanks x
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Tnm Classification And Lymph Nodes?

Postby Tajo » Thu May 08, 2014 1:16 pm

I would've liked to seen a photo of my thryoid!  I don't know why they would only take out one node.....i had papillary which had spread into my lymph nodes, they removed 46 and found cancer in 6, i guess i was the opposite to u, wondering why they took out so many...

Ring ur doctor or oncoloist and i'm sure they will explain it to u, best wishes and good luck.
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Tnm Classification And Lymph Nodes?

Postby Tahbert » Thu May 15, 2014 5:13 pm

Hi Colleen,  I had a follicular thyroid removed with non specific number of lymph nodes. Also a papillary on left neck plus a defunct non spec gland. They had a good clearout all round really. The magic words from my surgeon after the op were 'no vascular spread'.  Good luck with the radiation iodine (RAI) which no doubt you are booked in for(about 6-8 weeks after op)?  Hope it all goes well for you, Best Wishes Oliver.
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Tnm Classification And Lymph Nodes?

Postby Bannan » Mon May 19, 2014 1:48 pm

Good to hear info useful and good luck with RAI. 2 things not to forget during your radiation treatment- good boiled sweets will help with saliva gland dryness, and drink loads of water or sirop l'eau- flush out the radiation and get those readings down for a quick exit from hospital.

Why not invite your surgeon to join Macmillan online? The site welcomes health professionels, and some of us can speak a leetle French. A bientot ~ Olivier.
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