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Thinking About Going To Public School Next Year?

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Thinking About Going To Public School Next Year?

Postby Bernd » Sun Oct 01, 2017 4:20 pm

Alright, here's the deal.
I'm thirteen, and virtual schooling right now.
I've been told I'm a very sociable person, despite most homeschooling kids who are very awkward and shy.
I'm in seventh grade, and I kind of want to go to public school in eighth grade before high school.

I don't have many concerns, I know how to act around bullies and cliques.
The reason I'm kind of hesitant to is kind of idiotic, but nonetheless it's a reason.
If I go to public school... I want to make a scene.
I want to show people just because I was home schooled I can fit into their little "society".
Before you judge, I went to public school for sixth grade.
I had to drop out due to intense stress problems.
My mother also died within two months of Lung Cancer, so that was another reason I didn't go back sooner.

My friend Lydia goes to public school, and apparently the kids still talk about me.
According to them, if I step out of my little virtual schooling, I will be completely pulverized by the "Real World".
I'm kind of peeved, because these are the same kids who attempted to pick on me in sixth.
I want to go back to school with a bang, you know? Show them I can fare better than any one of them could.
Basically, I want to make them completely awestruck.
Yeah, yeah, I know. "You shouldn't be trying to do this!" "Revenge isn't the way!" - Maybe, but revenge is so sweet... Anyway, do any of you have any tips on how I can totally show them off if I do decide to go back to public school? For the record, I don't really want to change who I am, per say.
I enjoy my cute/dark style and my sarcastic personality.
I just want to make them completely furious.
Especially this one girl, Maddie.
She's been trying to show me up since fourth grade just because I was apparently more likeable and I had self-confidence.

I know this is once again, idiotic.
But if any of you have any ideas at all, please tell me.
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Thinking About Going To Public School Next Year?

Postby Jadrien » Sun Oct 01, 2017 4:24 pm

If it's a bang you want then BANG! Be who you are and you will find friends and people will admire you for being you. Even if people pick on you, know that I wish I was bold enough to be myself at school and I went to public school all my life. You would even make great friends because you will be different and fun and just to proud to be you. I don't know if going during 8th grade is such a great idea. That's a tough time for everybody as you know with the hormones and the stuff with the youngins.If I was you I would wait till high school because people are more sure of who they are so you won't meet a whole bunch of rude bastards who will ruin your experience. Also you are so sure of yourself I find it hard to believe you will be "pulverized" by the "real world". get out there and have fun. If you think you are ready then you are. :)

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