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The Secret War In Laos...sort Of?

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The Secret War In Laos...sort Of?

Postby Einhardt » Mon Aug 14, 2017 3:09 am

My dad was an immigrant from Laos after the Vietnam War. His father and two brothers fought in the Laos War alongside American SF. They were both killed in combat but my dad was old enough for combat training in that time(preteens), and told me of unspeakable horror stories from his time during the war(stories that aren't for sharing). He did for a fact fight. For this, my family was one selected to come to America. My mom divorced my dad when I was 2 and I grew up seeing him every other weekend. When I was 11 he came to see me where I was staying with my mom, something he had never done before. He told me he had to leave for a while and it would be dangerous for him. I haven't seen or heard from him since.(It has been 10 years)

My mom(who is white) has always been defensive when I ask her if my dad was in the military. She would always talk really fast and brush it off as if I had never brought it up. I think he was in the military because he wore dogtags. He also spoke 5 different languages including French and Chinese. My dad had a huge scar on his abdomen that my mom would never tell me what from. He on the other hand would always laugh and say it was from a time when he killed a man, but I always thought he was joking. He had many white and black friends and occasionally well built guys would come over with guns. They would all go shooting and sometimes I would go along with them. I always wished I could hit a bullseye with every shot like they could. One time one of my dad's friends showed me a picture of him with around 8 other guys(including my dad) standing in front of what appeared to be a helicopter. They all wore civilian apparel and held automatic rifles. As I got older I researched this helicopter and found it to be a UH-60 Black Hawk.

I remember a time when I was around 8 years old, I was sitting in our car while my dad filled the car up with gas. A black man came up to him and started harassing us and trying to pick a fight with my dad. When the man didn't leave when my dad told him too, he said goodbye and started to get back into the car. The man tried to grab my dad and in less than a second I was leaning over the dashboard of the car looking down the hood to where the man had been laid out prostrate from my dad. I always asked him to teach me how to fight but he said it wasn't safe, but when I was older I could learn.

The next day cops came and interviewed us about what happened. Turns out, the man had broken his arm in two places and had a fracture to the skull which they said my dad had done. Nothing happened since the gasstation surveillance was up and the man was seen to be the one to start the fight.

One of his old friends who I recently found out to be a retired Army SF First Sgt, claims he doesn't remember me or my family, especially my dad. I know this is Bull since this guy was AT MY PARENTS WEDDING! I mean he's in a picture for crying out loud, and my mom remembers him. Every time I tell him this, he says it wasn't him and i'm mistaking him for someone else. Well since he wants to be that way I left him alone after the second call. What the hell..

I'm trying to figure out what happened to my dad. Is there a chance that he could have been in the Military? Did the Army recruit Laotian operatives who fought in Laos during that time? Unfortunately I can't find any information about this anywhere online. Also, if my dad WAS in the military and died in combat wouldn't they have let me and my mom know?

P.S. To this day my mom will not talk about my father and the military.
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The Secret War In Laos...sort Of?

Postby Chester » Mon Aug 14, 2017 3:15 am

is it possible he fought for Laos against insurgents?


the status of this war is still ongoing, i wouldn't trust Wikipedia for reliable information but it might give you a few leads to do more research in other websites.
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The Secret War In Laos...sort Of?

Postby Gryphin » Mon Aug 14, 2017 3:23 am

Yes with 2 sons in the military I am well aware of his operations and wars
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