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The Harley Medical Group is lying to women about PIP implants?

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The Harley Medical Group is lying to women about PIP implants?

Postby aquilino65 » Thu Dec 29, 2011 2:01 am

I had a breast augmentation in 2009 with The Harley Medical Group in Dublin.
I rang Harley Medical group today to find out if they used the PIP implants on me.
The woman who I was speaking to said that I definitely did not have the PIP implants because I had my surgery in 2009.
She told me I had the Allergan implants used.
She did not ask for my name or details. She was able to tell this by the year.
I told her how concerned I was last night thinking I had the PIP implants and she said she could understnad my concern and she appreciates thta but I definitely
didnt have those implants.I asked her when The Harley Medical Group stopped using the PIP implants and she said 2006/2007.
So of course I was delighted with the news. I then proceeded to google the Allergan implants and realised that the Harley Medical Group had chamged their website around a little. Where the word implant was used it was followed by (Allergan).
I decided to look up more reports about PIP implants and seen that all reports stated that PIP implants were taken off the market in 2010!
I rang the Harley Medical group once again. This time I was talking to a different woman.
I stated that I wanted copy of paper work with proof that I had Allergan implants used. She told me they wouldnt have those documents there and told me to email my questions to a Harley Medical group website.
She kept refering to my PIP implants. I told her that the woman I was speaking to before siad that Harley Medical Group had stopped using the PIP implants and that I definitely didnt have them. But this lady stated uderwise.. She said no, that they had stopped using them in 2010.
She then went on to tell me that there was nothing wrong with PIP implants. The theres no link with cancer and a very small rate of ruptures.
She said they wont leak all over my body, its like cutting a wine gum jelly.
I told her that even so, this is the cheapest form of implant. Its used with industrial silicone NOT medical silicone. The silicone in these implants are intended for the use of matresses and computers. I dont want something like that inside my body. I paid 6110 to get them done. I thought I was getting the best of the best. But in actual fact these implants are only worth a few hundred.
The woman I was speaking to told me that the French are over reacting about it. She siad the French are taking all the implants out but they were not doing that in Ireland. She said they would only take them out if I was experiencing swelling, burning sensations, rashes or lumps.
I am so outraged about this whole situation. I was lied to by the Harley medical group. I was told they were stop being used in 2006/2007 and that I DEFINITELY did not have the PIP implants. Imagine how many other Irish woman are being lied to today, tomorrow.....
If I hadnt have rang them for a second time demanding proof of my implants then I would have went on thinking I was fine.
I need to get my story out there so that other women are not falling for the lies of Harley Medical Group!
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The Harley Medical Group is lying to women about PIP implants?

Postby burdon » Thu Dec 29, 2011 2:08 am

Go to YELP and discuss your reviews about them.

The more people know, the better!

My sister was one of the first ones to take a part of a class action lawsuit in the 80's.
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