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The dangers of pap smears and the medical industry?

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The dangers of pap smears and the medical industry?

Postby brant » Sun Nov 20, 2011 5:33 pm

Before I explain the dangers of pap smears and male doctors I want you to know that my information is based on study and information from other doctors and peoples experiences. People often get mad at me all because I tell them the truth, but as a truth lover I hate deception and falsehood. It is therefore my duty to share my knowledge with people who have been brainwashed by the medical industy so they may take heed and come to know the truth.

Before I talk about the dangers of male doctors I'll start with the dangers of pap smears. Despite the lies and misinformation that doctors have promoted, pap smears can be unreliable and do more harm than good. Some women bleed after a pap smear or pelvic exam, which indicates a cell has been damaged. There are doctors who will admit that damaged cells are more likely to turn cancerous. A highly experienced doctor called Robert S. Mendelsohn in his book explains how breast screening can actually cause cancer, and he is bewildered how the public are not being made aware of this. Over the decades the medical indusrty has had to end many things that they discovered were doing the patients more harm than good. It could well be that pap smears are another medical hoax. Dr Robert S. Mendelsohn explains how in America, pap smears are all about making money for the doctor. In the UK pap smears are free, but yet the UK still does breast screening which can actually cause cancer. In order for me to explain all this I would have to write a few pages to get you to understand. Also countries that do not have pap smears actually have a much lower rate of cervical cancer. How do we know that pap smears are not increasing the risk of cervical cancer by damaging the cells of the cervix? Do you ever consider that the medical industry may be untrustworthy or do you swallow anything that the doctor tells you without listening to the other side? Let me now explain the dangers of male doctors:

In the medical industry there is something called a TUBE. It stands for "Totally Unnecessary Breast Exam." It's where a doctor may do an unnecessary exam on a woman he finds attractive. I have come across two men who know male doctors personally, either friend or family, and they claim that the doctors admitted to them that they will often do unnecessary exams on young, attractive women, and that they can easily justify it and that most women won't question it. The reason I know this is true is because I have come across many women who have basically said that the male doctor has requested a breast or vaginal exam when their problem had nothing to do with their breast or vagina. And when these women go to a female doctor they get told that a breast or vaginal exam is not necessary. We get told so often by naive people that male doctors are professional and do not get aroused, but yet there are endless cases on the internet where male doctors lose their licence for sexual abuse. However, even doctors who do not cross the line are still having perverted desires, they just manage to not cross the line. My point is that it is very naive to say that the male doctor does not enjoy examining a gorgeous woman. No certificate on the wall is going to change the way a man looks at a woman. And the old chest nut scare tactic that a lot of these doctors use is, "If you don't let me examine you then you might end up dead." This is the old chest nut that doctors use on patients.

Read a book called "Male Practise: How Doctors Manipulate Women" by Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn. He explains how women are at greater risk. But there are many other books you can purchase by other professional doctors who will confirm what I have said to you. Do not be deceived. Purchase the books and discover the truth for yourselves!
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The dangers of pap smears and the medical industry?

Postby sinai » Sun Nov 20, 2011 5:43 pm

Your first paragraph is fact not fiction unfortunately women will not remove blinkers thinking it is a direct attack against them, but it is caring people who right against the ethics of intimate exams on women by Male docs

I would like to point out that smear tests are free in the UK, However the GP's need a take up of 85% to receive extra income for the practise, from the authorities and use scare tactics to get women into surgery, most being low risk patients. Every women is scared of cervical cancer, the scare tactics aren't used on men...

I know you will receive flack for your post, even though this book written by a male doctor is available.

As all business, the medical industry is driven by money...I recently read an American article how doctors were fraudulently earning money from pap smears on a million women who had undergone hysterectomy.
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