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Tanning Salon Tips, Going For The First Time?

Melanoma and Skin Cancer Discussion

Tanning Salon Tips, Going For The First Time?

Postby Tajo » Tue Apr 18, 2017 3:08 pm

I've never been in a tanning bed before and I was thinking about going because I need to get rid of the lines from my bathing suit before prom. Also i dont really want to look like a ghost in pictures. So any information you can give me on going for the first time would be great. How the process works, what to bring, what tanning lotion to buy, an estimate on prices based on your personal experiences just so I can get an idea. Also I have very pale skin, so usually when I lay out in the sun I just burn but it'll eventually fade into a slight tan. So will I just have the same outcome in the beds or will I become more tan then I would being in the sun? No lectures on skin cancer please. Seriously, I'm old enough to know the risks. But thanks for your concerns I guess.
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Tanning Salon Tips, Going For The First Time?

Postby Jean » Tue Apr 18, 2017 3:09 pm

those each physique is nice to allow you to already know to apply organic unscented aloe vera gel. next time you visit the solarium, in user-friendly terms go each 2d day. proceed going for 5 minutes in user-friendly terms, until you advance a visibly darker tan, then advance the timing with the help of a million minute thereafter (ie 6mins, then 7 etc). purely be careful sista! avert burning cos whenever you do to the factor of tears ur unfavorable ur epidermis extra suitable than you already know. My advice is hun, stick to my tanning advice, stop once you get a medium tan (as a base) then use taning creams and sprays. Jungle Bronze with the help of Kamouflage or ModelCo are astounding - stick to the training for the wonderful consequence. That way you would be effective and darkish, and cos u hava base tan the pretend bakes would be undetectable yet purely supply that extra advance. For now, placed a fan on and objective it at urself to relax the floor down.
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Tanning Salon Tips, Going For The First Time?

Postby Blane » Tue Apr 18, 2017 3:12 pm

for your first time tanning i would start with a low number of minutes and work your way up.

make sure you use a lotion that also contains SPF in it, i like Australian Gold the best, into the darkness is very good and around 25 dollars on the web site. make sure you lotion your face too.

If you get your hair done darker cover your hair with a towl or a shirt so it wont fade.

i would tan in the sun for just that more real look of tan.

good luck,
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