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Swollen Lymph Nodes in left Groin?

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Swollen Lymph Nodes in left Groin?

Postby pauel » Fri May 24, 2013 5:22 pm

Hello, I am male 20 years old. I had anal sex with condom about 1 month and ago. Since then my anus got itching every single day. About two weeks, it gets painful when I went to the bathroom. I saw some blood in the stool and in the toilet paper as well. After doing some researches on the internet, I assumed that I got anal fissure. So then, I started using stool softeners, fiber supplement called 'Citrucel,' PreparationH Hermorrhoidal suppositories, and taking bath using Epsom salt. Everything was fine and I thought things got better.

However, 4 days ago, I felt a little pump and tenderness on my left groin, you can't really see it but it hurts when I walk around. I began to worry a bit. But then Yesterday, when I pooped, there were definitely lots of bloods that made the whole toilet pink. I am so scared right now because I haven't had anything like this before. What kind of doctors should I go to because I have PPO? Or should I wait? Does anal fissure have anything to do with my swollen lymph node in my groin?
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Swollen Lymph Nodes in left Groin?

Postby caine » Fri May 24, 2013 5:37 pm

BRRB - bright red rectal bleeding - is usually hemorrhoidal bleeding.
You could also have a tear if you received the anal sex.
[ I'm not judging you on that.]
It is extremely unlikely that this would be a rectal or anal carcinoma at age 20.
But we cannot make a diagnosis sight unseen over the internet.
We are here to give advice - not try to make diagnoses.
Best advice is to see your doctor for an examination.
My gut feeling is that this is benign, and you will do fine.
Try not to worry.
The inguinal (groin) lymph nodes are very common
and almost always benign in a 20 year old.
Your doctor should check these nodes, but they should not be malignant.
Thanks so much for providing your age.
- - - -
Your idea of an anal fissure is a good one and is possible.
Bacteria getting through a fissure would cause swelling of groin nodes.
Good thinking on your part.
Painful lymph nodes are usually NOT lymphoma or malignancy of any type.
Nodes reacting to infection are usually inflamed and tender.
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Swollen Lymph Nodes in left Groin?

Postby wiellaburne3 » Fri May 24, 2013 5:43 pm

any infection can cause lymph node enlargement
and you need to go to doctor
and seek medical advice
to exclude any other causes
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