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Stomach pain below my belly button?

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Stomach pain below my belly button?

Postby yuuto » Tue Nov 15, 2011 3:21 pm

alright so i've been having this pain in the middle of my stomach right below my belly button.
it's a pain that will continue then every once in a while (10-15 min) i get a sharp pain. the pain sometimes will go away for a while (20-30) minutes then come back.
it's been going on for about two days now.

i've been feeling sick since thurs. so i went to to the doctors today with my mom and they said i have strep throat. they didn't really do anything about the stomach because it wasn't really a problem earlier today. but once i got home it got worse.

i've been trying to find out why on the internet and so far people (with similar problems) have recieved the answers of:
food posioning
pulled a muscle in their stomach
stomach ulcer

i don't think it's food poisoning because since thurs. i have been eating only soup, crackers, ect.

thanks for the help.

btw, i'm 17 yrs old & a girl.
it's not my period.
and i'm not pregnant.
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Stomach pain below my belly button?

Postby obrien » Tue Nov 15, 2011 3:26 pm

If it was food poisoning then you would be throwing up.. the only thing that makes sense is your period try taking some midol or blow your hairdryer on the spot for about 5 minutes max. If it doesn't stop after about a week and a half try going to the doctor again. Hope this helped (:
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Stomach pain below my belly button?

Postby bink44 » Tue Nov 15, 2011 3:33 pm

Do you have a cough with your strep throat? If so, coughing can be a big workout for your abdominal muscles and you could have a sore muscle from that coughing.

Or if you have congestion, you could have post-nasal drip and sometimes that mucous may make you feel nauseous.

I doubt it is a hernia because you probably would see one.

I doubt it is food poisoning d/t the lack of vomiting and diarrhea plus the long course.

Does it have any sort of relation to when you eat? Relationship to food can give clues about ulcers and gallbladder disease.

Also, have you had a bowel movement recently? Sometimes constipation can present with pain and nausea.
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