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Stds Leads To !aids Is That True?

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Stds Leads To !aids Is That True?

Postby Dyami » Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:04 am

Yes and no. It doesn't work the way that you're describing. Diseases & infections are caused by bacteria and viruses. If you caught the common cold it would NOT magically turn into cancer.

There are several diseases and infections that are sexually transmittable. Two of them do what you're talking about.

The Human Papilloma Virus can turn into cervical cancer because it causes cell changes in the tissue there. It effects "cell inhibition" which leads to having growths (tumors.) **HPV is spread through skin to skin contact. Using a condom reduces your chances of getting it by 70% if your partner is infected with it. There are an estimated 100 strains of HPV. Only certain strains cause cancer. Some strains of the virus cause genital warts. There is a vaccine available for some of the more dangerous strains. The vaccine is called Gardisil, its available as a series of three shots taken over six months.


Another disease that you can get from having sex is HIV?Human immunodeficiency virus.I haven't read up on it in a while, but wikipedia says that HIV causes AIDS ?Acquired immune deficiency syndrome. I'm not certain on what the difference is, but both attack the body's natural immune system. With little or no immune system you're much more likely to catch other illnesses. With no way to fight anything off whatever you catch will effect you more greatly. Theoretically, a person with AIDS could die from the common cold because they have no way to fight it.

HIV & AIDS are passed through bodily fluids such as semen, vaginal secretions, blood, and even breast milk. Condoms create a barrier that minimizes/prevents partners from coming into contact with each others fluids.

There is no cure yet, but there are treatments available so that it is no longer a sure swift death sentence. People with HIV or AIDS can lead relatively normal lives with a decent life expectancy. They are still not likely to live to be very very old.
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Stds Leads To !aids Is That True?

Postby Dirk » Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:05 am

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Stds Leads To !aids Is That True?

Postby Oliphant » Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:14 am

I agree that misinformation (or no information!) is the leading cause of the spread of STDs. I do not agree that the folks against teaching schoolkids about contraception do so with the intent of repressing women. My opinion is that their intent is to repress both boys and girls into not acting upon their sexual feelings via abstinence. These people really have their heads in the sand. Kids are going to have sex. Might as well deal with that reality and teach the kids how to do it responsibly. Also, in terms of waiting until marriage... many people do not get married until their mid 20s or later. To abstain until then is unnatural. Again, might as well deal with that reality and teach people now to do it responsibly. And as for HIV/AIDS specifically.... many people still seem to think that only gay boys get it. This misfact has probably caused more than a few new infections in people who are not gay boys.
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Stds Leads To !aids Is That True?

Postby Selden » Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:17 am

No an Yes....No because if you have herpes or chylmida or an other STD it will not turn to HIV or anything like that. Yes because when you have an STD since your body is busy fighting the virus they say its easier to catch HIV when your around a person with HIV so just be very carful. Protecte yourself at alll times cause there are consequences in life that cant be turned around an catchin HIV is one of them
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Stds Leads To !aids Is That True?

Postby chayim » Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:20 am

I was wondering the same question myself today
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Stds Leads To !aids Is That True?

Postby jerad » Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:28 am

No, that's not true. STDs can lead to various health problems, but HIV is the only virus that will turn into AIDS.
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Stds Leads To !aids Is That True?

Postby Madoc » Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:39 am

No. This is not true, STD's (now called STI) is a term for different diseases such as herpes, ghonarea, sphyalis ect.
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