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Spray Tans For Scars?

Melanoma and Skin Cancer Discussion

Spray Tans For Scars?

Postby brooke91 » Thu Apr 20, 2017 1:51 am

I have a lot of body scars from acne and other things and it makes me very self conscious. I was considering spray tans to cover them up until my current treatment fades them to the point where i can tolerate them. Please have experience when answering these questions. I want to know how many coats of tan should i? How long will the tan last? How should i care for the tan a.k.a. my skin while the tan is on it? I am a black girl with a caramel skin tone( in between light and dark)
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Spray Tans For Scars?

Postby Hennessy » Thu Apr 20, 2017 2:00 am

I do not recommend them. Whether they're from airbrushing, mist on booths, or aerosol cans, a new problem is starting to reveal itself and that is the atomized inhalation of the solutions. Check the ingredients . . .
so why would you want that stay on your skin, even for a minute?

According to the FDA?s good manufacturing processes and to the extent that these ingredients can be avoided, DHA may contain up to 3 parts per million of arsenic, 20 parts per million of lead, and 20 parts per million of iron.

Did you know that DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) is allowed to contain arsenic, a poison, and lead a known carcinogen? Also the FDA does not police the manufacture of DHA and assay its contents. In other words batches of DHA that are produced by a host of refineries are exempt from certification.

. . . . .


FDA & Vogue 2011

SELF-TANNERS: "I've had many patients who think these products somehow offer UV protection or that they give them a 'base tan' so they won't burn," says Dr. Hale, a NYC M.D., dermatologist and vice chair of the Skin Cancer Foundation. "'If I have skin cancer, you'll just remove it, and I'll be OK'. But the color that self-tanners create on your skin is completely artificial. But a lot of young women use these products so they don't look pale when they go to the beach to tan." 86% of women surveyed who use self-tanners reported they'd also baked in the sun, and 36% admitted they'd also used tanning beds (a leading cause of melanoma!) at least once in the past year. Australian study confirms that sunless tanning likely did not reduce the amount of UV exposure women get.

~ Glamour May 2012

Adam Lambert has the worst acne scars. JLo, even Demi Moore have been seen with scars on their faces during interviews.
Demi in October 2012 issue of 'People magazine, showed her freckled (acne?) on the cover and inside article photo shoed she had them removed but there was a 'hole' and no makeup could fill that in. With all their money they're making now, even beauty products can't do anything about their faces.

Avoid exposure from the sun, use a floppy hat. The sun can darken them, even skin where it never saw daylight. The sun can go through clothing.

Avoid too much sun exposure, so it won't make your scars even DARKER. Skin heals. So let your scab heals.
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