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Spaying 2 yr rabbit or neuter young male rabbit?

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Spaying 2 yr rabbit or neuter young male rabbit?

Postby caddaham50 » Sat Oct 27, 2012 2:32 pm

I've had a female dwarf rabbit for about 2 yrs now & recently got a young lop/lionhead mix male (7wks old). All the female wants to do is hump the poor guy (which at 7wks he's the same size as her!) I know I need to get at least one of them fixed to not have babies, and I say one becuz I've called around and male neuter costs $160 & female spay is $170 so it will be expensive!

Is the female too old to get spayed? I figure if I neuter the male he wont spray, plus maye he'll grow to be too big for her to hump?
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Spaying 2 yr rabbit or neuter young male rabbit?

Postby tadleigh » Sat Oct 27, 2012 2:35 pm

If you HAVE to only get one done. I would highly recommend the female. As they have a high rate of developing ovarian cancer.
I would recommend getting the boy done when you have the money as you have time as the male is not mature yet anyways. (They are normally mature about 6 months - but you'll know when his testicles drop)
The female is not too old to get spayed. I know of bunnies who have had it done when they are 5 + years but the sooner the better.

Check out the house rabbit society website for more info - rabbit.org
or for an online community of rabbit owners - Bunspace.com
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Spaying 2 yr rabbit or neuter young male rabbit?

Postby adalberto » Sat Oct 27, 2012 2:45 pm

Well, If You Could It Would Be Best To Get Both Fixed, Because If Both Are, Both Can Have A Longer Life Span. But If Anything Get The Boy Fixed, The Female Isn't To Old To Get Spayed, But If You Spay Her And Not The Boy, He Could Try To Hump Her And If She Isn't In The Mood, She Could Possibly Attack Her Attack Him. So I Think It Would Be Best To Neuter The Male. But I Think He May Be A Little Young To Get Neutered.
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Spaying 2 yr rabbit or neuter young male rabbit?

Postby arledge » Sat Oct 27, 2012 2:47 pm

First off you need to separate them right away! Your boy will be extremely stressed with all that and she might get even more aggressive. At 7 weeks old, he should still be on his mother's milk for another week, so he is still fragile.
They need to stay separated until they are both fixed. It's not a matter of them not having babies, but that hormones will rule them and cause aggression. The girl should be done first because she is still young enough and it will prevent her from getting uterine cancer which is quite common in un-spayed female rabbits.
Then the boy will need to be done when he's old enough or he will constantly be after her and cause her much stress.
Bear in mind that the stress of which I'm speaking is what can greatly shorten the lifespan of your bunnies. They don't do well under stress. You are fortunate that your girl has not yet been more aggressive to him. Oftentimes, such an introduction will cause one rabbit to fatally attack the other.
Here is more info on spay/neuter:
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