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So. Who is the most bravest zodiac sign and the most chicken?

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So. Who is the most bravest zodiac sign and the most chicken?

Postby chano » Thu Nov 22, 2012 11:33 pm

Who is the most fearless and the most scared. Ide like it in order, that would be nice :D
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So. Who is the most bravest zodiac sign and the most chicken?

Postby bercnan » Thu Nov 22, 2012 11:39 pm

bravest to fight for first place: aries
bravest to get exactly what they want out of you: scorpio
bravest to fight for the limelight and very supportive: Gemini
bravest to show off all their talents: leo
bravest to protect and get what their love ones need: cancer
bravest to reach where they want to be(success): capricorn
bravest to be an individual and not a follower: aquarius
bravest to get what family need: pisces
bravest to stand up for themselves: virgo
bravest to stand/work alone: taurus
bravest to tell you like it is and say what ever they want to say: sagittarius
bravest to get you into thinking what ever they want you to think: libra

weak side:
Aries: too nice to hurt anyone and a complainer. -annoying

Scorpio: strong when they are not in love, most of the time they are and they fall into your pity hole and get hurt. -unhappy love life/selfish

Gemini:doesn't pay attention to anything, stubborn and steal other people's boyfriend/girlfriend. -rude/immature

Leo: They only think about themselves and likes to cheat anyone they can get their hands on. -cry babies

Cancer: afraid to tell others what they want so they rather manipulate anyone they can get -drama queen, chaotic love life

Capricorn: put on a tough face, meet power hungry people who outcome them then they become an emotional wreck. -stressful life

Aquarius: doesn't stick long enough with anyone so they don't have anyone who they belong to which they don't feel comfortable with because they hate feeling lonely
-emotional loner

Pisces: emotional life, scare that others might find out the truth about them, feel useless to everyone and they can sense everyone don't care much about them -manipulative/abusive

Virgo: can be fake but they hate that side of them. doesn't care much about anyone else. only nice to you so they can rail you in-cold hearted/the evil step mom

Taurus: selfish, richest sign but yet will try to see if they can use people to get more money/things for themselves. -cheap

Sagittarius: not the brightest star. -dumb

Libra: too nice to tell you no. -follower
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So. Who is the most bravest zodiac sign and the most chicken?

Postby leon » Thu Nov 22, 2012 11:44 pm

You would need to look at mars for that,and even that wouldnt be an accurate statement,only thing you would be able to see if someone avoids confrontation or not...

Its not accurate because,for instance,if you have mars in cancer,odds are you dont like confrontation,but that doesnt make you scared,on the contrary,cancer sign is very devoted to his family,and a person with this sign in mars will try to avoid confrontation,but if you touch his family you will feel the wrath like you never felt it before...

Sun sign has nothing to do with this,nor does anything basically,its a stupid question
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So. Who is the most bravest zodiac sign and the most chicken?

Postby stevie » Thu Nov 22, 2012 11:57 pm

I do agree that you do need to have all things factored in before adequately assessing which one is more brave. I think all signs have the capability of being brave, I think what we miss ..at least here is that these signs answer the MOTIVE of why the person does a thing or the WAY a person looks at a thing, it doesnt have an all inclusive way of determining which sign is the fastest runner or which sign is the smartest or which sign is the...that's not an accurate way of trying to use astrology in my opinion.

Astrology should answer which signs have the propensity to behave this way when faced with this issue. It will also answer the question, how likely are these two individuals going to communicate effectively based on temperament and signs. But then you have to take into consideration the person's background and how they were reared. Did the person have an event that made them decide, enough is enough ...which by comparison would make this person the total opposite of a traditional (whatever that sign would be)...?
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