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Small Symptoms Point To Somthing Bigger?

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Small Symptoms Point To Somthing Bigger?

Postby rawls » Thu Sep 28, 2017 4:05 am

Hi I have posted on here a few days ago about some concerns that i have bowel/colon cancer due to abdominal pains,cramps,gas,diarrhea and constipation and sometimes blood in the stool also on the toilet paper bright red.

I have also got some other symptoms like pain in my right side on and off around the middle of my rib cage, a mouth ulcer and today iv developed a mild sore throat

I have been to the doctors and hospital and have had my blood checked (came back fine) and urine (also all clear) and im due to have a colonscopy in a week..im worried about waiting a week might make any cancer if i have any spread :(

but as for these 'minor' symptoms i mentioned are they possible warning signs of cancer? i didnt mention the mouth ulcer and throat at the hospital because they came after in the last 3 days
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Small Symptoms Point To Somthing Bigger?

Postby Raynor » Thu Sep 28, 2017 4:14 am

If you aren't scheduled to see a specialist (gastro-enterologist), then I suggest you make an appointment to see one.
I don't think the matter of a few days will make a difference, but you do need to be seen soon.
Blood tests can't detect colon cancer.
Your colon will need to be inspected and possibly biopsied during the colonoscopy.
It could be something benign like internal hemorrhoids or polyps, or it could be something more serious although not necessarily cancer.
Crohns disease comes to mind.
When you go, do mention all your symptoms, including the mouth sores.
Doctors need all the pieces to a puzzle to solve it.

Good luck...
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Small Symptoms Point To Somthing Bigger?

Postby Cordell » Thu Sep 28, 2017 4:39 am

Just try to relax until your colonoscopy.

Those symptoms can be symptoms of anything to be honest.
The rectal wall is actually quite delicate, and if you have constipation it could have resulted in a small tear, with some blood.

Ask your doctor what blood tests he did. There are blood tests for inflammatory markers and also cancer markers.

I would honestly believe that waiting a week would not make such a massive difference, but I would suggest that you go back to your doctor and ask him to discuss with you exactly what he is doing and exactly what he has found.
It might help you to relax knowing what he is doing.

Good luck :)
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