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Small lump/mass in right neck near area below ear and jaw?

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Small lump/mass in right neck near area below ear and jaw?

Postby caimheul » Mon Dec 19, 2011 7:33 pm

Discovered a small rectangular shaped (long in shape) lump resting on my sternocleidomastoid muscle just below my right ear and Jaw for almost two months. Dont seems to grow any bigger and painless. When i turn my head to my left, it seems like it can stretch out alittle, else, it is like a little over 0.5 inch in size when i am looking straight ahead in relax mood. Visually cannot see it unless feel it physcially. Only discover it when there is a pimple like thing grew almost directly on it. No serious sorethroat, fever, coldsweat and etc...but some minor throat irritation and mild blocked ear. Saw a doctor and he told me no issue, it is just a node. But till now, it is still there!!! Almost two months.

I am 39, ex smoker. My father is being diagnosis with lung cancer at age of 67 in June 2011. That makes me even more worry. I was once almost went into depression because of this.

Can a node be so big? So easy to feel it? And it doesnt go away? Is it normal?

I am too young to die!!!!!!!!!!

Please i need help and advice. seriously!!!!!
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Small lump/mass in right neck near area below ear and jaw?

Postby nikson48 » Mon Dec 19, 2011 7:35 pm

Once they swell (usually because of an ilness or infection, even a pimple can trigger it) it can sometimes take months or even years for them to go down again.

Sore throat and ear infection will also cause it to swell.

If your Dr said it is just a lymph node, then leave it alone to slowly go down (poking and prodding it will keep it swollen) or see another Dr for a second opinion.
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Small lump/mass in right neck near area below ear and jaw?

Postby morio » Mon Dec 19, 2011 7:37 pm

I have had a little lump on the left side of my neck and I went
and got blood test and they told me it was nothing serious....It
still hasent gone away..I'm not sure what to do either because in my
mind if something doesn't go away then there is a problem and that makes
me question the accuracy of the doctor...I feel your fear because I am in the same position.
I mean maybe we both just have nodes and in this case I hope it isn't anything serious because
its a scary situation. Best of luck to you!!!
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Small lump/mass in right neck near area below ear and jaw?

Postby bek81 » Mon Dec 19, 2011 7:40 pm

Lymph nodes and lymph node clusters can get quite large and prominent golf ball sized or bigger.
Your mass seems like it could be a lymph node or a swollen salivary gland--specifically your partoid gland(see picture in link)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salivary_gland.
If this gland continues to grow, more become palpable or it starts to ache with the consumption of alcohol-- then go straight back to the doctor. You may want to follow up with your doctor in light of your new found info on your next visit. You are not dying, just start to take charge of your health by living and eating healthy.
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